Super Soulin’

On Sundays mornings it’s become a habit of mine to watch Joel Osteen of Lakewood Church and Super Soul Sunday on OWN. Today’s message from Joel was about life bringing the right people to us and leading us where we need to be. He explained that if you lead righteous life opportunities and helpful people will come to you by surprise.

I guess that is a message that really needs to be heard because a few hours later Iyanla Vanzant mentioned her surprise opportunity with Oprah’s network. Iyanla said her son called and urged her to call Oprah about having show on OWN but Iyanla rejected that idea. Iyanla reminisced that just three days after the conversation with her son, she received a call from OWN asking her to film a test show.  At one time I thought big breaks and chance meetings were luck but maybe not. When you follow your life’s purpose doors you never even knew existed will open. “Don’t believe me? Just watch.” lol

Right now, I’m watching Deepak Chopra describe the benefits of meditation (Super Soul Sunday: Oprah & Deepak’s: Mediation 101).
I’ll admit that meditation is an area that I’ve never explored. I’m used to my life being hectic. Not saying my life is a bad hectic but it’s hectic nonetheless. When not ripping and running physically I’m bouncing around different screens on my cell phone or computer. I’m going to challenge myself to try meditation. Ironically, just as I typed this a commercial for Deepak’s mediation challenge just came on…. And it begins tomorrow!  Whoa, somebody cue the Twilight Zone music.

At the beginning of the year I said to myself that I wanted 2013 to be my year of expansion.  I want to try new things, change my mindset and broaden my horizons. I still need work though. I still eat too much junk food, I still get annoyed by ratchetness, and I still waste time/money on some of the wrong things. Though I’m not perfect I’m still ready to better myself.  Michael Jackson’s “Man In The Mirror” just popped into my head. “Na na na na  na na na na na naaaa….”

Welp, I’m going to keep super soulin’ on this beautiful Sunday. Later tonight another show I watch every Sunday comes on, True Blood!
(Hey to all my fellow Truebies out there!)

This show is full of violence, sex, more violence and more sex –basically the total opposite of everything I watch in the morning. Hmmm, does that reverse all my soul searching?


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