Raekwon Dong

Recently, I heard that actress Rae Dawn Chong trashed Oprah. They worked together while filming the movie The Color Purple, and for some strange reason Rae Dawn has decided to come out now – yes, a million years later – and talk about the awful person that Oprah is. Oh, she also said that Oprah is ugly, fat, would have been a maid 60 years ago and a “field nigger” during slavery. (*gasp*) To the best of my knowledge Oprah hasn’t responded to Rae Dawn, and why should she? When people hear the name Rae Dawn Chong they may remember her delivering lines like ”Harpo, who dis’ woman?” in The Color Purple, or they may remember that her dad is a stoner, I mean actor. Hell, my husband called her “Raekwon Dong” by mistake during a brief conversation we had about this topic.  Now think of Oprah. OPRAH! Absolutely no comparison.

“Rae Dawn Chong? Girl, BYE!” 

Though Rae Dawn has apologized for some of the things she said, her rant made me question why she did it in the first place. Why would hold on to such strong animosity for so long when you have no contact with that person? I mean, how is Oprah affecting Rae Dawn’s life now? Well, we are talking about Oprah here. She’s an A+ List celebrity that is all over the media so it may be hard to completely avoid seeing or hearing about her but other than that they probably rarely cross paths. From now on when I think of  someone that carries long-term hate for me but has very little relevance in my life, I’ll think of them as Raekwon Dongs and dismiss them like Oprah. 🙂

Have a Happy Monday, peeps!

(Super shoutout to my hubby, Q , for mistakenly coining a hilarious term.  And shoutout to Raekwon the Chefof Wu-Tang, no affiliation with “the Dongs” out there.) 


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