Real-ass-ity TV?

A  guilty pleasure of mine is ratchet reality tv shows like Love and Hip Hip, Real Housewives of Atlanta, Basketball Wives and the somewhat classier R&B Divas. A while ago I noticed that the majority of the women on these shows shared something in common. No, I’m not referring to the outrageous weaves, excessive makeup, huge earrings, and clothing label-whoring.  I noticed that most of the women on these shows have big ol’ butts.  I’m not talking nice little onion butts, I mean donks (aka “donkey booty”s)! Even the skinny ones have end-table a$$es.

I’m not hating (I can hold my own in that area. haha) nor am I staring like a perv (hetero chick here) but I have eyes.  It’s like an epidemic on reality tv or maybe it’s just an epidemic in general.  Whether all these bodacious butts are real or not is a subject I’m not touching (pun intended). The next time you tune into your favorite ratchet reality show check out the big butt ratio.


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