Happy National Yoga Month!  I’m still a rookie yogini but I’ve been thinking about stepping out of my comfort zone just out of curiosity.  The facility where I’ve been taking classes is a studio specifically for yoga and its fundamentals. I love that they include history of yoga and mind-body connection.  I also need my form corrected because I’m often felt unsure about my alignment. Though I’m not pro at asanas (yoga poses) but I’m fairly comfortable in class now.   Lately, I’ve been wondering how classes in a general gym would be.  I wonder if gym yoga classes would be more physically intense or if they’d incorporate  limbs of yoga.  I guess the best way to answer that is to try, right?

While doing random searches online I came across several yoga inspirations. Here are a few:






I have a busy day ahead of me but I’m going to fight the Sandman tonight and check out Arsenio Hall’s return.

“Let’s get busy!”


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