This morning started off rocky for me.  My youngest woke up before 6am, the news was full of Zimmerman bullsh*t and a car accident caused me to take a long detour just when I was feeling good being ahead of schedule.   I was feeling “some kinda way”, mostly about the injustice that was done to Trayvon Martin.   For a minute I just sat and zoned out. It’s so sad that there are people out there that don’t value the lives of others, especially the lives of minorities.   Over the weekend, I was enraged by the verdict then deeply-saddened.   Ultimately, I realized the ridiculous verdict was a reminder of the kind of world we live in and being down/discouraged is not the answer. The verdict sparked a conversation with my own teenager, who is now more aware of how prejudice is alive and well.    Trayvon Martin’s death caused many parents to show an extra dose of love to their own children.   Maybe youths will be inspired to change the future of the country and the legal system.   The verdict has led to rallies forming and being formed. People are coming together that probably wouldn’t come together for another cause.    Mind sets are being changed.    With the right focus, horrible events can be the catalyst to great things.     I don’t believe this is over.

R.I.P. Trayvon Martin


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