Yoga: The poses that kicked my azz this week

This was a busy week for me so my mind and body is just now recuperating.  I’m happy to report there were no injuries at this week’s yoga class but I will admit the poses were more challenging for me. We did the basic Sun Salutation series

Ok, I’m pretty comfortable with all the poses in this series except the lunge:

Getting that front foot up there  while your back foot is visiting another country is not an easy task. It’s much easier to do with yoga blocks under you hands or bending your back knee to touch the floor but I’m going to work on doing it without either. Then the instructor said everyone that was comfortable with the lunges could take it a step up and do the pose with their arms extended up.

Ummm, no.  My thighs told me to put my hands down and stay in my lane. Not quite ready yet. As a fact of fact there were a couple other poses that reminded me I’m a beginner.
^Dancer’s pose, y
ou are not my friend!  

^Bow Pose…
Go ahead and pull the plug ’cause I’m done!

There are no mirrors in the yoga studio I attend (Thank goodness) but I’m pretty sure I looked like an awkward balloon animal.  Before the wonderful cooldown and meditation point of class, a few poses made my muscles/joints feel like they were getting b*tch slapped. That’s a good thing, right?