FUN More Time

More and more EDM (Electronic Dance Music) artists have been in heavy rotation on my playlists.  Saturday night I decided to check out
“One More Time: A Tribute to Daft Punk”
at the Baltimore Soundstage

Though I’m not a fanatic, I’ve liked Daft Punk since the late 90’s so I knew I’d enjoy myself. And that I did! Rhythmic light shows set to dope mixes by DJ’s wearing robot suits made for an awesome night. Oh and in case you are wondering, it was not the actual Daft Punk mixing but who know what the real duo looks like anyway?! haha

I took some video footage but most of energy went into dancing and screaming like a wild woman.   

First I’ll post a short clip of some of the “interesting” party-people that were in the house. This one features a brother, who reminded me of Chris Brown, working the hell out of a pair of LED gloves.

I have no idea who these peeps are but anyone with eight E.T. fingers is pretty freakin’ cool in my book. Throughout the night many fell victim to him and the couple other lit-fingertipped-magicians that were in the crowd.

 I love the song “Music Sounds Better With You” by Stardust so I got ultra pumped when they mixed it in.

They also rocked some of Daft Punk’s latest album and of course they had to play the hit “Get Lucky”

Geezuz, my voice in the background. Yikes!

The crowd was jumping and covered in sweat then the lights went out and there was silence… Oh hell naw, it’s not over yet! Here’s the crowd telling them what we wanted to hear…

Finally, they rocked “One More Time” and set the place on fiyaaaah!

I really should have recorded more but the music got a hold of me and I had to stop and get my dance on!  [Sidebar: I can’t apologize enough for my big mouth in background. It was sonically loud in there and I honestly didn’t realize I could be heard. #facepalm]

Oh and dope costume change for the finale also!:

 I must say  R.I.P. ROMANTHONY, the vocalist/House music legend featured on “One More Time”, who passed away a few months ago.

If you are interested in seeing better footage of the national Daft Punk Tribute tour just do a search on YouTube. I found this clip from DonXenith taken  at the Soundstage the same night I was there:

It was my intention to post an update about my last yoga class and my first experience with a male yoga instructor (different!) but real life is calling and I have to jet. Blog ya later!