New Schoolin’

Yesterday, Kendrick Lamar set the Hip Hop world on fire when his verse on Big Sean’s song “Control” hit the internet. Basically, Kendrick called out a rack of the hottest “New School” rappers and let them know he’s trying to snatch the throne. This beef is refreshing and will hopefully encourage more lyricism from today’s popular rappers. Battling has and will always be present in Hip-Hop culture.  MC’s/emcees battle, b-boys & b-girls battle, DJ’s battle and etc…    As long as it stays on the mic, competition is healthy in Hip-Hop. Kendrick is basically saying he’s striving to be better than the best that’s out there. Kendrick in an around-about way gave props to J. Cole, K.R.I.T., Wale, Pusha T, Meek Mill, A$AP Rocky, Drake, Big Sean, Jay Electronica, Tyler the Creator and Mac Miller as emcees. It’s like sh!t-talking during a friendly Pick-Up game.

Kendrick also declared he’s the King of New York which was a jaw-dropper because he’s from Cali.  When I heard that line I made that noise to signal there’s going to be trouble when I was a kid: “Oooorrrrrrrr!” Actually I think that line was more controversial than calling out all those other rappers.  #JMO

Speaking of Hip-Hop and juveniles, is anyone else disturbed by the Kmart commercials that look like cheesy Rap videos for kids?

 “My school bus is my limo/ My school bus is my limo…”

WHAT?! Does that also mean your school is your nightclub? Somebody tell these chil’rens to sit their rappin’ a$$ down in a classroom somewhere and act like they’ve got some sense like this:

LMAO! I couldn’t help myself.That picture is hilarious! (Check out more at HipHopWired )

But seriously, kids write a rhyme about getting  on the Honor Roll instead of how fresh you look getting off the school bus.