Yo, I’ve started yoga!

This week, I survived my first real yoga class. In the past I’ve tried yoga but never  considered practicing on a regular basis.  Even after become serious about exploring yoga, I’ll admit that I wasn’t too confident about going to a class. #PlusSizedBlackWomanConfession .  There was always the option of doing yoga myself at home via videos or Youtube but I felt like I was missing something.  One of my concerns was/is if my form was right. No video can tell you to if your feet are pointing the wrong way or if you butt should be poked out more.  Luckily, I found a class specifically for beginners that fit my schedule.  Since everyone taking the class is a rookie I figured it would be less awkward for me there than in a class full of seasoned yogis. I know, I know… I was worrying about the wrong things, right?  (For the record there were a couple other Black women and a couple other plus-sized women but I was on the only plus-sized Black woman. “I’m so special…so special, so special, so special” lol)

Anyway, I had a great experience. Got a quick crash course of the origins of yoga, learned breathing techniques, the instructor was able to help me with my form and there was a much needed meditation session at the end of class.  (Sidebar: I’ve joined Deepak’s meditation challenge so I killed to goals with one stone during class. Sweet!)   At home, I’ve been working on my tree poses.

Example of a tree pose^Example of a tree pose

During class I was shaking so bad that I looked like a tree in thunderstorm. There were few other “wobbly trees”in class so I don’t feel too bad. In fact, one guy stumbled so hard he went to grab the wall and damn near pulled the security system down.  Hopefully, there won’t be any serious injuries in our future classes.


Super Soulin’

On Sundays mornings it’s become a habit of mine to watch Joel Osteen of Lakewood Church and Super Soul Sunday on OWN. Today’s message from Joel was about life bringing the right people to us and leading us where we need to be. He explained that if you lead righteous life opportunities and helpful people will come to you by surprise.

I guess that is a message that really needs to be heard because a few hours later Iyanla Vanzant mentioned her surprise opportunity with Oprah’s network. Iyanla said her son called and urged her to call Oprah about having show on OWN but Iyanla rejected that idea. Iyanla reminisced that just three days after the conversation with her son, she received a call from OWN asking her to film a test show.  At one time I thought big breaks and chance meetings were luck but maybe not. When you follow your life’s purpose doors you never even knew existed will open. “Don’t believe me? Just watch.” lol

Right now, I’m watching Deepak Chopra describe the benefits of meditation (Super Soul Sunday: Oprah & Deepak’s: Mediation 101).
I’ll admit that meditation is an area that I’ve never explored. I’m used to my life being hectic. Not saying my life is a bad hectic but it’s hectic nonetheless. When not ripping and running physically I’m bouncing around different screens on my cell phone or computer. I’m going to challenge myself to try meditation. Ironically, just as I typed this a commercial for Deepak’s mediation challenge just came on…. And it begins tomorrow!  Whoa, somebody cue the Twilight Zone music.

At the beginning of the year I said to myself that I wanted 2013 to be my year of expansion.  I want to try new things, change my mindset and broaden my horizons. I still need work though. I still eat too much junk food, I still get annoyed by ratchetness, and I still waste time/money on some of the wrong things. Though I’m not perfect I’m still ready to better myself.  Michael Jackson’s “Man In The Mirror” just popped into my head. “Na na na na  na na na na na naaaa….”

Welp, I’m going to keep super soulin’ on this beautiful Sunday. Later tonight another show I watch every Sunday comes on, True Blood!
(Hey to all my fellow Truebies out there!)

This show is full of violence, sex, more violence and more sex –basically the total opposite of everything I watch in the morning. Hmmm, does that reverse all my soul searching?

Raekwon Dong

Recently, I heard that actress Rae Dawn Chong trashed Oprah. They worked together while filming the movie The Color Purple, and for some strange reason Rae Dawn has decided to come out now – yes, a million years later – and talk about the awful person that Oprah is. Oh, she also said that Oprah is ugly, fat, would have been a maid 60 years ago and a “field nigger” during slavery. (*gasp*) To the best of my knowledge Oprah hasn’t responded to Rae Dawn, and why should she? When people hear the name Rae Dawn Chong they may remember her delivering lines like ”Harpo, who dis’ woman?” in The Color Purple, or they may remember that her dad is a stoner, I mean actor. Hell, my husband called her “Raekwon Dong” by mistake during a brief conversation we had about this topic.  Now think of Oprah. OPRAH! Absolutely no comparison.

“Rae Dawn Chong? Girl, BYE!” 

Though Rae Dawn has apologized for some of the things she said, her rant made me question why she did it in the first place. Why would hold on to such strong animosity for so long when you have no contact with that person? I mean, how is Oprah affecting Rae Dawn’s life now? Well, we are talking about Oprah here. She’s an A+ List celebrity that is all over the media so it may be hard to completely avoid seeing or hearing about her but other than that they probably rarely cross paths. From now on when I think of  someone that carries long-term hate for me but has very little relevance in my life, I’ll think of them as Raekwon Dongs and dismiss them like Oprah. 🙂

Have a Happy Monday, peeps!

(Super shoutout to my hubby, Q , for mistakenly coining a hilarious term.  And shoutout to Raekwon the Chefof Wu-Tang, no affiliation with “the Dongs” out there.) 


This morning started off rocky for me.  My youngest woke up before 6am, the news was full of Zimmerman bullsh*t and a car accident caused me to take a long detour just when I was feeling good being ahead of schedule.   I was feeling “some kinda way”, mostly about the injustice that was done to Trayvon Martin.   For a minute I just sat and zoned out. It’s so sad that there are people out there that don’t value the lives of others, especially the lives of minorities.   Over the weekend, I was enraged by the verdict then deeply-saddened.   Ultimately, I realized the ridiculous verdict was a reminder of the kind of world we live in and being down/discouraged is not the answer. The verdict sparked a conversation with my own teenager, who is now more aware of how prejudice is alive and well.    Trayvon Martin’s death caused many parents to show an extra dose of love to their own children.   Maybe youths will be inspired to change the future of the country and the legal system.   The verdict has led to rallies forming and being formed. People are coming together that probably wouldn’t come together for another cause.    Mind sets are being changed.    With the right focus, horrible events can be the catalyst to great things.     I don’t believe this is over.

R.I.P. Trayvon Martin


Once again, I’ve been neglecting my poor innocent blog. I want to blame it all on my hectic schedule, but I’ve actually been doubting myself lately. I’m not the best writer (I’m a serious serial typo-ist) but writing is a passion of mine. I enjoy telling stories about this wonderful thing we call life. Whether my life or the lives of others, biographical tales are fun to share. I believe everyone has something interesting to share with the world, ya know? Recently, I’ve been asking various people if I could interview them for my other site, FriendzFiles but I’ve only been able to actually interview a couple friends. The others I’ve asked had different situations as to why the interviews never happened and I’m not at all salty about the unsuccessful attempts. Seriously, I’m still totally cool with everyone. However, I have started to question if I should steer my energy into a different direction.

Bugs and Stuff

For several days I’ve been fighting a stomach bug. My laptop is still buggin’! And Spring has sprung so bugs and such have made their presence known – my hubster pointed out two bees mating on the ground in the alley today, I actually. And yes, alley bumblebee sex is about as interesting as it sounds. Bugs are evitable in life. Some bugs make you sick, some cause inconvenience and some have fascinating outcomes. Just rambling…

It’s 4am and I am laying in bed watching a movie called “30 Years to Life“.

It was filmed when I was in my early 20’s but the message is timeless: your life must be fabulous by 30 or you are a loser. Haha! So ridiculous. Back to sleep I go.


I floated into work this morning, unusually early and feeling unusually jolly for a Monday. It’s not a surprise that those good vibes didn’t last long. Shoutout to co-workers/supervisors that point-out every little mistake but never say sh!t when you complete a million tasks correctly. Just as I was getting settled at my desk I was reminded of two typos that were found in a stack of work that I knocked out. My response was my usual: nod, say “Oh ok” then stare at my co-worker blankly so they will go the hell away! It worked.

My blog time has been cut short because of extracurricular family activities and my laptop is still out of commission. (Thank goodness for my celly and my PC at work *whew *) Though I love spending time with them I need to find some age-propriate hobbies. So, what do really cool chicks in their 30’s do for fun?

My scale is saying I need to do something physical and my pockets are saying I need to do something cheap! I’m not sure typical hobbies, like crafting, would hold my interest but I’m open minded.

P.S.: I found these blogs after doing a search: