I floated into work this morning, unusually early and feeling unusually jolly for a Monday. It’s not a surprise that those good vibes didn’t last long. Shoutout to co-workers/supervisors that point-out every little mistake but never say sh!t when you complete a million tasks correctly. Just as I was getting settled at my desk I was reminded of two typos that were found in a stack of work that I knocked out. My response was my usual: nod, say “Oh ok” then stare at my co-worker blankly so they will go the hell away! It worked.

My blog time has been cut short because of extracurricular family activities and my laptop is still out of commission. (Thank goodness for my celly and my PC at work *whew *) Though I love spending time with them I need to find some age-propriate hobbies. So, what do really cool chicks in their 30’s do for fun?

My scale is saying I need to do something physical and my pockets are saying I need to do something cheap! I’m not sure typical hobbies, like crafting, would hold my interest but I’m open minded.

P.S.: I found these blogs after doing a search:


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