After a wonderful weekend in Newark (New Jersey) celebrating my grandmother’s 95th birthday, the local weather is keeping my festive mood going. Today my fair city, Baltimore, was blessed with a sunny 87 degree day. Such lovely weather for early-April could be considered a gift especially on the Eastcoast. Thank you Mother Nature!

Speaking of gifts, I’m starting to think my youngest is gifted. Yup, at just 9 months old I can see his unique skills. Even when taking a deep coma-like nap, my extraordinary baby can sense when I’m preparing to sit down and enjoy a meal in peace. There have been times that I have doubted his gift but just as the fork is raising to my lips, I hear a spine tingling squeal from my precious bunch of joy. This evening I strolled happily, plate in hand, from the kitchen to my dining room. Just as I crossed the threshold my son’s infant voice managed to roar down the stairs and flooded my ears. It also seems that he only uses his gift on me. I guess he thinks I’m special. 🙂


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