Pizza is like sex… by DJ Hunnie-baked

Due to a overly stressful workday, tonight’s dinner was a couple slices of pizza. I heard someone say that pizza is like sex, even when it’s bad it’s still kinda good.

I definitely see the truth in that theory. Think about eating boring pizza. Though it’s not delicious, it’s still worth finishing, right?

It shouldn’t be a surprise that I tuned into the new reality show, The Gossip Game. I love the concept of chronicling women in Hip-Hop media but I don’t love the execution. So far Gossip Game seems just like all the other real-trash-ity shows. Hey networks, most real women don’t stuff their plus sized bodies into XS dresses, paint on seven layers of makeup, slap on a mile of weave and start fist fights every other week. Ok, a lot of us do but most of us don’t. I would plead to see more realistic women on reality shows but would that get more ratings than chicks kicking each other’s a$$? Probably not.

Master of the Mix is on my idiot box now. I would have been a dope DJ. Hmmm, what would my DJ name be? I’ve got it! DJ Hunnie-baked. Yeah, that’s hot!


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