Neo-Soul 2 Soul

Since most of the recent Hip Hop releases are floating in the toliet, my playlist has been filled with Neo Soul. 

Male/female duet cuts, especially, have been on heavy rotation. This entry of Tuesday Tunes is dedicated to the Neo Soul pairings that are ruling my headphones at the moment.   Turn up these picks, dance with your sweetpie and just when they least expect it… grab their booty like the perv that you are. 😉

Anthony David, Algebra & Phonte – “4ever More”

This song makes me want to smile and do a back drive into a field of daisies. The “I shine, you shine” (Smif-N-Wessun) and “Forever-ever, forever-ever?” (Andre 3000) Hip-Hop references are a nice touch.  The video looks like they had a ball filming it. Ok, the wardrobe is honestly laughable(Did you see homie’s tux jacket? It looks like he’s wearing it inside out. And does sistagirl have royal blue braids? What the ham sandwich is going on?!)  BUT I love the song.   


Jill Scott & Anthony Hamilton – “So in Love with You”


Well go ‘head Jilly from Philly!  This song feels like an old school classic. Very Al Green-ish, right? Usually Anthony Hamilton’s tone annoys me but I’m really diggin’ his upbeat flow in this one. Definitely my feel-good song for the spring/summer.

Kindred the Family Soul – “Far Away”

Lovely couple that makes lovely music together. I like a lot of their songs but this is my favorite because I generally feel like this every single day at work. I wanna be like Kindred when I grow up!

Lauryn Hill & D’Angelo – “Nothing Even Matters”

While listening I began thinking about the artists’ careers and that distracted me from lovely excellence of the track.  Lauryn Hill (damn, girl!) … D’Angelo (damn, yo!).  All I can do is shake my head. “It’s funny how money changes situation…”    See my brotha-from-another’s blog re: Lauryn –

Sade & Jay-Z – “The Moon and the Sky (remix)”

Sade is my all-time favorite singer so, of course, I had to include this surprise collaboration. What other rapper has enough status and capability to deliver such a grown and sexy vibe?  (Hmmm… Well, Common could have pulled it off. He’s definitely grown and sexy. Umph! hehe)

 Wait a minute! Today’s Tuesday Tunes looks like a playlist from a dimly-lit coffeehouse on “Spoken Word” night. I can smell the damn shea butter and Egyptian musk right now. lol (No disrespect to my poetry peeps. I love yall flaky asses. ) Neo Soul is an awesome genre but I need that KNOCK!  Let’s go, MJB!… 

Mary J. Blige, Diddy and Lil Wayne – “Someone To Love Me”

All my peeps know I’ve bumpin’ this song since it was leaked a few months ago and I’m still lovin’ it. Mary’s voice is so powerful that I’ve heard this song a million times but I still feel compelled to throw my hand up like I’m testifying.  I don’t want to seem like I’m one of those people that prefers the “sad Mary” (SN: she’s rumored to be going through a divorce) but I FEEL the pain in her voice and her pain is sounding pretty damn good. This soul aint Neo, this is pure Hip-Hop Soul at its best!

Interesting that no matter how far I stray, I always come back to my first love: HIP-HOP!!!


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