Tuesday Tunes – Lil’ Less Wayne


Young Money and their captain, Lil Wayne, came through town for the “I Am Still Music Tour” Sunday night and it lead me to think of his career over the years. I like some of Wayne’s verses and songs but I wouldn’t consider myself a Tunechi fan.  At one point he was featured in damn near every song played on the radio/video stations and it used to irk the shi!t outta me. It didn’t irritate me because I was hatin’ on his success, it irritated me because some of the songs were perfectly fine without him. It seemed that others felt Wayne was mandatory for a hit and that simply wasn’t the case. The theme of this Tuesday Tunes is:  Songs That Would Still Be Hot Even If Lil Wayne Wasn’t Featured On Them.

1)      “Girls Around The World”  AND  “You”– Lloyd

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3CGNcLZcnaw and http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UpD-56UqT14

Ok, I don’t dislike Wayne’s verses in these songs but they didn’t NEED Wayne. The tracks are genius old school upgrades accompanied by sweet lyrics. And Lloyd lays the vocals down like butter. Wayne was like a side dish in these songs.

2)     “I Cant Believe It” – T-Pain

Quick question, what the hayle is he talking about?! I really dig this song (one of my faves from T-Pain) but even Autotune couldn’t make Wayne sound good in this one. He sounds me like a robot with a mouth full of… nevermind.

3)      “Let It Rock” – Kevin Rudolf

Everyone that knows me knows that my music preferences include Pop music. I sometime listen to “mix” stations so I was familiar with the song and already liked it before I heard the one that included Lil Wayne. After I heard his verse, I didn’t like the song anymore. Annoying delivery and silly ass lyrics. “Wayne’s World/Planet Rock/Panties drop/At the Top…” * blank stare *  Booooooo! And why do rappers wanna be rockers and why do rockers wanna be rappers??

4)      “Turning Me On” – Keri Hilson

Miss Keri was a budding solo artist and I’m sure everyone thought she needed Wayne on this track to get herself established in the game. It may have worked but it seems like he didn’t want to ‘waste’ his good material on her cut.

5)      “Look At Me Now” – Chris Brown

Hold on. Wayne is in this song? Damn, after Busta smashed his verse I forgot about Weezy F.  haha

[SN: I predict that Chris Brown’s album sales will be through the frickin’ roof. He’s got 50-leven blazing singles already. Hell, I almost never buy new music but I’ll make an exception and cop F.A.M.E. ]

 As I said I like some stuff by Weezy F. Baby so I will include my favorite features:

1)      “Fireman”

This is by far my favorite Lil Wayne song. Many would say Wayne rose to one of the top rappers with “A Millie”. Not hating on A Millie. It’s a good song (well, aside from the “every woman is sour” lyric. ) but “Fireman” was my ish.  [SN: VEVO is so f’in’ huff! Not only did they edit this video but did they blur out a butt that was wearing a thong? Seriously?! lol]

2)      “We Takin’ Over” – DJ Khaled


Yoooooo! Wayne massacred this one. Shining on a track with T.I., Rick Ross and Fat Joe is a pretty impressive feat. (Birdman doesn’t count. haha) When the song first dropped, I would rewind just his verse. Yeah he ‘kilt’ it!  Oh and props to Akon for owning the chorus.

3)      “Shine” – The HotBoys


Am I the only one that misses the Hotboys??? I want a reunion! Yes, with Juve, my boy Manny Fresh and even BG and Turk.  Lol … Anyway, during the Hotboys reign Juvenile got most of the fame but Birdman Jr. stepped up to the plate with this one.  “All these karats like I’mma fuckin’ vegetarian… Dog, I got cake like everyday my birthday.”  Haha! With word play like that how could you not love that kid?


P.S. Ok, ok. I’ve gotten some friendly beef from peeps that are mad at me for only posting music on Tuesday and not blogging about “EVERYTHING and NOTHING” like I used to. The truth is I’m too busy to blog more frequently. It’s not that I don’t have plenty of material to sound off about. * whew * I have pleeennnnttty to say but unfortunately, I don’t have plenty of time to match.  But anyway, thank you to all, ummm, seven of you that actually take time to visit this blog. lol * BIG HUGS*


2 thoughts on “Tuesday Tunes – Lil’ Less Wayne

  1. ..I have all the Hotboys cds ..lol … This post had me rollin ..ha ha ….yeah just about every one of the joints would have been fine wit out Weezy…

    I remember so clearly riding down to ocean city with out my cd case thinking “Radio is Waynes’s World”…I mean every other song had one of his Szyrup drizzled no effort sixteens that summer….I love Lil Wayne too but it was overload!

  2. YES, Tris! At one time I wanted cuff my ears and yell “Make it STOP!”

    I guess he successfully trained his camp because I’m starting to get that feeling about Drake. Hmmm…Next Tuesday blog topic, maybe?

    *looking for the Like button to click for your comment* ha

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