Tuesday Tunes – Bob’s Big Hair

As a child, I remember the occasions that my moms would take me out to eat at what I thought were ‘real restaurants’. One location I remember was Bob’s Big Boy on Loch Raven and Taylor (which is now IHOP). That restaurant chain has been gone from Bmore for eons but the image of that little chubby kid is still embedded into my mind.

While watching several videos I noticed a trend of artists jackin’ Big Boy’s hairstyle. This Tuesday Tunes is dedicated to artists that were so daring with their hair that they didn’t mind looking like Bob’s Big Boy in their videos… and the songs are pretty cool too!


El Debarge – Lay With You


I’m impressed by El’s comeback. The grown and sexy yet fun vibe of his latest work is right in the middle of the bubblegum “Rhythm of the Night”-El  and the sing your panties off in “Secret Garden”-El. However that hairstyle made me question whether he fell off the wagon when he shot this video. All jokes aside, El looks and sounds GREAT.


Fantasia – Doin’ Me


Wowers ‘Tasia! How can you hate someone that can rock a hightop fade and a french roll at the SAME time?! That’s amazing! LOL … Oh but I must say that her makeup is gorgeous in this video. She looks really cute. Bangin’ shoes too!


Chrisette Michelle – What You Do


*too busy staring at “Derwin” to comment*


Janelle Monae – Tightrope


Who says weird chicks cant dance? Ok, she’s crazy but she’s a musical genius and on the floor she gets it IN! Her footwork is mean!


Bruno Mars – Grenade


Not only did Bruno share the stage with Janelle at the Grammy’s they apparently also share the same beautician.  What did the world do before Bruno Mars? Isn’t this dude, EVERY-damn-WHERE nowadays?!  Turn on Mix 106, there he is. Turn on VH1, there he is. Turn on the Soul Train Awards, there he is! Others current music stars make headlines by going to jail and living in a giant egg for two days but Bruno is sneaking in from the sidelines for a takedown. Watch!

Pancakes, love and bacon grease!

P.S. Is it me or does VEVO frickin’ suck?


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