Tuesday Tunes – “The Queens from Queens”

Since I recently had the pleasure of meeting two of my Hip Hop heroines, this Tuesday Tunes entry is dedicated to them.  Give it up for the Showstoppas…



Yes, we all love their hits “Push  It”, “Let’s Talk about Sex” and “Whatta Man” but, let’s be real, we’ve heard those songs enough to last a lifetime. I’ll give props to some lesser known S-N-P songs that came to mind.

-My Mic Sounds Nice
This is probably my favorite S-N-P song. Delivery is crisp, lyrics are sassy and clever, and the track is jumpin’ (Some of the earliest Go-Go used in Hip Hop).  
Fun fact: “Hot, Cool, and Vicious” is the first album I bought with my allowance money. Haha I got it from Kozy Korner (remember that joint?) and I actually had to sneak and buy it because my mother banned me from listening to “Push It”. Haha

Yes, they autographed the actual cassette tape that I bought in ’88. This ancient artifact should be hanging in a museum or something.


-Everybody Get Up                                                 
This cut is hot but the video is special to me because as a preteen I used to rehearse the dance steps with my friends. (*smh*) Nothing says cool like ripped jeans, leather jackets and meeting in a dark alley to have a dance battle. LOL

-None of Your Business
This one isn’t one of my favorites but I just felt like telling people to MIND YOUR BUSINESS! ha


Shoutouts to the female Rap groups that were ‘inspired’ by S-N-P  back in the day(I’m not going to say they were bitin’ but in some cases the shoe fits) : 

Finesse and Synquis
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RYt9nbatek0&feature=related (audio)
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qn0nlgMb6Fo&feature=related (video from Video Music Box. Wowww)

JJ Fad

Sylk Times Leather
Hold up… Did these chicks sample “Push It” in the first verse? Violation!

If you don’t realize that Salt-N-Pepa were one of the most influential groups in Hip Hop you need to be slapped with a big ass dookie rope chain.

School’s out! 🙂


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