Tuesday Tunes – 90’s Dancehall HipHop

While unwinding for the night, I had my playlist on shuffle and landed on Mad Lion’s “Shoot To Kill”. After I threw my hands in the air while making a seriously ugly mug, I remembered the wonderful genre of Dancehall Hip Hop.  

When I was regularly blogging I’d do Music Mondays but I’m going to kick off an impromptu “Tuesday Tunes”. (Yeah, I just made that sh!t up. hehe) This weekend’s Tuesday Tunes is dedicated my favorite riddims of Dancehall Hip-Hop (namely of the 90s). To keep this post from being too lenghty I’ll only list a few for now…

Dancehall HipHop heads know that I can’t mention the mighty Mad Lion without mentioning this banger…

Mad Lion “Take It Easy”
“Too many suckas and not enough time…” I love that line. ha

Immediately the next song that came to mind was a cut from the original Dancehall ‘Don Dada’…

Super Cat “Ghetto Red Hot”
The popular version of this song is actually the Hip Hop remix not the original album version. Speaking, of remixes we can thank Super Cat for introducing the video world to Biggie in the remix of “Dolly My Baby” http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-u5m_LfiXzM

Rayvon “No Guns, No Murder”

Lil Vicious “Freaks”

This joint got me doing the Pepperseed hard! Anyone know how old Vicious is now?

Capleton “Tour”
Dope use of the “Children’s Story” track and also has a good message.

Patra featuring Yo-Yo “Romantic Call”
My favorite Patra song is “Queen of the Pack” because she shows she can toast on the mic with the best of ‘em but this one is more Hip Hop. (R.I.P. Pac)

Once again this isn’t my favorite song by this artist but it fits the category of the entry:

Shabba Ranks featuring KRS One “The Jam”

All the dancers in the Shabba video reminded me of this one:

Worl-A-Gurl “No Gunshot”
LOL! What tha hayle?! … Nice idea, bad execution.

This scary ass dude was kind of a one hit wonder…well this wasn’t really a hit but I loved this cut! :

  Jackal the Bear “For Real”

A little local MD flava. Remember these cats:

Born Jamericans “Boom Shak a Tak”

Haha @ Prince Dajour(sp?) at WPGC. Nice ponytail!


And on that note “Sayonara amigoooooooooo…”


4 thoughts on “Tuesday Tunes – 90’s Dancehall HipHop

    • Hey MsTris. If any of my mentions inspire you to produce a Grammy award winning hit can a sista get a shoutout?! lol … And monetary appreciation would also be welcomed.

  1. Watch This!

    aw mannnnn… you went in on this one… you allllready know I was rockin’ with all these. Also, Rayvon’s “Pretty”, Mad Lion’s “Shoot To Kill”, Mega Banton “Sound Boy Killing”, Buju “Champion”, Cutty Ranks “A Who Seh Mi Dun”, Johnny P “Look Good”, sheeeeit… that dancehall/hip-hop hybrid shit was kickin’ off for a good few years there.

    LMAO @ the Worl-a-Gurl video. Wow.

    Big respect! Big up! Big up!


    • OMG! “Sound Boy Killin'” with the Black Moon track… Lawd yessss! Now I gotta hear that joint.

      Ris’peck all Dancehall Hip Hop massive! haha

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