Dollar Store Don’ts

Ok, I’m back to blogging! No big return speech. I’m just jumping back into it. Here we goooo…

My day job caters to children and I’ve made a habit of buying little fun treats like stickers to make the kiddies happy. On my Facebook and Twitters pages I posted about co-workers that take the stickers to decorate their computers/desks instead of leaving them for the kids. (Grrrr!) Before I got overly annoyed by the selfish adult @ssholes at work, I remembered that I bought these particular stickers at a “dollar store” so it’s not that serious. Aren’t dollar store wonderful?  

Just when I was quietly praising dollar stores for having everything, I began to think about things that probably shouldnt be purchased from there. Yes, dollar stores are blessings for us with tight budgets but there are some products that I’m just not broke enough to buy for $1. This entry is dedicated to…

Top Things NOT to Buy From “The Dollar Store”

Meat and other foods found in the refrigerator – Yes, I’m aware that you can go to a fast food spot and purchase sandwiches for a buck (actually those are also very questionable) but there’s something extra disturbing about a packet of lunch meat that costs a dollar. *cringe *

Condoms – NO…Just no.
(This also applies to the condoms at beauty supplies shops that have no English on the box.)

Toys for a child over 5 – It’s very tempting to pick up cheapo toy from the dollar store especially since the kid is probably just going to break it anyway. But while your pockets will be happy, that child may not be. I’m personally traumatized by memories of bootleg toys. I was given “Farbie” dolls with long ponytails which I soon discovered was completely bald in the middle. Farbies could never fit Barbie’s clothes and shoes right, either. And the most fun was how easily their head and limbs randomly popped off. Don’t torture the child. For the love of God just go to Target!

Razors – You’d be better off taking a butter knife to shave unwanted hair.

Clothing – There aren’t many dollar stores that offer clothing but some do have a small selection of tshirts, socks and/or undergarments. If you are a brave and desperate soul that takes a chance at buying clothes from a dollar store, be sure to buy them ten sizes too big because that sh!t is going to shrink like a ding-a-ling in Antarctica.


“Dolla, dolla bill y’alllllllll! ”



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