Music Monday – The Sound of Movies

The Oscar’s rule this week of entertainment so I decided to mesh Music Monday with movies and dedicate this entry to my favorite soundtracks. Obvious top-selling soundtracks  will be by passed so take a left if you think I’m about to mention Celin Dion and/or Whitney Houston.     

 NOTE: Click the link below each picture to see the playlist and, in some cases, hear the soundtrack.

Love Jones – This is the soundtrack that I’ve listened to the most by far. When it was first released I’d go whole days with this soundtrack on repeat AND shuffle in my CD player. (Remember those things? ha)  I’m not a poetry head so I will admit that the spoken word snippets from scenes in the movie are unnecessary but tolerable because the surrounding songs are just that great. If I attempted to mention my favorite highlights of this soundtrack I’d include damn near every song on it. So I’ll keep it short and say: The Love Jones soundtrack is an essential part of every grown and sexy music catalog. Period.


It was a must to mention the Love Jones soundtrack first because it’s my absolute favorite but the rest are in no particular order.


Juice and New Jersey Drive Volume 1 and Volume 2 – The heavy hitters in Hip Hop showed out for these soundtracks. The New Jersey Drive soundtrack was so hot they had to break it down into two volumes that were release together! But unlike Juice I enjoyed the NJD soundtracks ten times more than the actual movie.


The  Lion King – What’s so funny? Yes, I have the Lion King soundtrack and yes I purchased it for myself. Tunes like ‘Hakuna Matata’ are fun to sing-a-long with the kiddies and the message is cool too. And ‘The Circle of Life’ and ‘Can You Feel The Love Tonight?’ are beautiful with or without Elton John (though I prefer without) 


Reality Bites – The movie is a Generation X cult classic with the soundtrack to embody the same reputation. I remember seeing the video for ‘Stay’ by Lisa Loeb (yeah, the artsy chick with the geeky glasses) all over MTV and VH1. Then Big Mountain’s reggae version of “Baby I Love the Way” peeked my curiosity so I bought this soundtrack and was pleasantly surprised…well, that Me Phi Me shit was not so pleasant. Oldie but goodie cut is The Knack’s  ‘My Sharona’. I don’t know what those fools are talking about but that joint rocks!  


Crooklyn and Dead Presidents – Both are like great playlists of classics from the 70’s with one or two equally great newly recorded songs added for variety.  Much like the movies, these soundtracks take us back with a smile and appreciation for when music was music, ya know? 

Love and Basketball – Similar to the two previous mentions, Love and Basketball’s soundtrack included half old school 80’s cuts with fresh flavor in the mix. The upbeat ‘Dance Tonight’ (Lucy Pearl) and ‘I’ll Go’ (Donell Jones) are good for two steppin’ but the sultry ‘You Made a Fool of Me’ (Me’shell Ndegeocello) and ‘Soul Sista’ (Bilal) shine as the newer gems on this soundtrack.


Fired Up – The Ting Tings, Naughty By Nature, Chumbawamba,  Lou Bega and Candyman’s ‘Knockin’ Boots’ all together?!  Now THAT’s what I call a soundtrack! *rapping along: “I don’t to sit down, I just want to GET DOWN…” LMAO.  Don’t judge me.

Ok, I’m aware that most people don’t actually get to read my Music Monday entries until Tuesday because I type them up so late. Well folks I hear your concerns (haha) and one of these days I’m going to put more effort into posting Music Mondays in the a.m. instead of waiting until I put the kids to bed… I heavily stress the phrase one of these days.  Pray for me yall.



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