Music Monday – A True Guru

It’s being reported that Guru of Gangstarr had a heart attack and is in a coma so this impromptu entry of Music Monday is dedicated to the brilliant Hip Hop duo, Gangstarr. Guru’s mellow yet authority-filled voice and DJ Premiere’s infectious beats have secured Gangstarr’s status as legends in Underground Hip Hop.  Unlike many knuckleheads in the Underground scene, Gangstarr proudly expressed intelligence and versatility. (Guru= “Gifted Unlimited Rhymes Universal”) They can be credited as one of the first Hip Hop artists to fuse Jazz music and culture into their own. (No coffee shops and silly clothing for these cats. ha)  On to the videos:


Wow. They look so young… but they were still on point! Even in the Malcolm X-esque scene, Guru looks like a baby to me…a very serious baby.

Just to Get a Rep

A superb example of storytelling HipHop.

A Jazz Thing

Gangstarr’s homage to the Jazz legends, which appears on the Mo Better Blues soundtrack. This gem keeps our heads nodding while schooling us on Jazz greats of the past. Being an avid Jazz fan Guru went on to release several volumes of solo projects  [Jazzmatazz] and works with modern Jazz musicians.  

 You Know My Steez

The first single from the last recognized Gangstarr album, Moment of Truth. While Hip Hop/Rap music was branching off into different directions, Guru and Preemo, stayed true to their roots. Weird looking video but classic Gangstarr song.  


Also from Moment of Truth is song was not a single but it’s one of my very favorites by Gangstarr. The upbeat yet gritty track is matched with underlying message of focus and determination. I used this song as inspiration to get out of bed on a few occassions. Seriously.

 Of course, Gangstarr is most noted for their collabo with Nice and Smooth, Dwyck.

This classic still makes the clubs jump within seconds of the beat dropping! 


[Sidebar: A twitterer mentioned that he was wearing a Saints hat on the cover of “Step Into The Arena”. See here. *smile and sigh* ]

I am still awaiting an update on the status of his health but I’m definitely sending many prayers to Guru.

Good night all.


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