Is Black History Month History?


Just a quick observation…Is it me or has Black History Month become a thing of the past? Yes, I’ve heard the rants about how every month is Black History Month(BHM) and blah, blah, blah.  Yes I understand our culture is so rich that it can’t be condensed into a mere 28 days. I get that, honestly I do. And I’m definitely not advocating the typical curriculum that teaches that our history is basically slavery and Martin Luther King Jr. But even with valid reasons to dismiss BHM deep down I there’s something inside us all that enjoys having our own thang. Locally when February came (and sometimes at the King holiday) there were various movie marathons featuring quality Black films, advertisements for cultural events throughout the city and during commerical breaks gifted students would read essays about their ‘Champion of Courage‘.

At the time I took those events for granted. Nowadays all I see is us poppin’ bottles and being a hot mess. It’s a shame to admit it but it’s rare to see quality Black entertainment even on  “Black tv stations”! (WTF?!)

Does the country think because we have a Black president now, we wouldn’t notice that Black History Month is being phased out? Or maybe they feel that since we have a Black Disney princess we are finally equal and our individual heritage doesn’t need to be singled out? Ha! (I chuckled to keep from getting angry.) 

Kids in 20 years = “Ya’ll remember when they celebrated something called ‘Black History Month’? “

 Anyway, you’re online all the time anyway so why not take a minute to learn about our history? Here are just a few places to start:


Observation over…


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