Music Monday – Posse Cuts

 When most think of classic Hip Hop collaborations, gems like “The Symphony”, “Dwyck”, “Scenerio”  and “Self-Destruction” come to mind. I love those songs too but other Hip Hop artists have come together for equally entertaining songs but haven’t received the kudos. This Music Monday is dedicated to my favorite posse cuts that were slept on or basically forgotten about. 

I used to be an Underground Hip Hop head so I’ll begin with…

D & D Allstars – “1, 2 Pass It” 
Allstars is an understatement. Doug E. Fresh, KRS-One, Mad Lion and Fat Joe on a Primo track. Wow. For some reason this cut makes me think of the Hip Hop room in the Paradox on a Friday night circa 1996. 

The Roots (f/ Mars and Dice Raw) – “Clones”
Soooo slept on. This is that gritty type of Hip Hop that makes you break down an ugly mug while nodding along so hard that you hurt your neck. All of the emcees deliveries’ are crisp and unique and the wordplay is no joke. I’m still amazed that this joint (or jawn for the Philly cats) isn’t a well-known classic. *smh*

“Hey ladiesssss….”

Brandy (f/ Yo-Yo, MC Lyte and Queen Latifah) – “I Wanna Be Down (Remix)” 
This song isn’t the best sounding cut but it’s cool to see/hear see ladies of that caliber come together.

Lil Kim (f/ Angie Martinez, Left Eye, Da Brat and Missy Elliot) – “Ladies Night” 
Ditto for this song. And the artists (even the ones in the audience) seem to be having a BALL in the video. R.I.P. Left Eye [Sidebar: Anybody else wonder how the hell Angie made it on to this song with all those real rappers?!]

Ruff Ryders (The Lox, Eve, Drag On, DMX) 
During their most popular time, collectively, the Ruff Ryders consisted of the perfect posse members. They had the rah-rah rappers, lyrical rappers and an ill female rapper. I don’t know what the hell happened to the Ruff Ryders behind the scenes but that crew really had potential to do big[ger] things. Somebody put an APB out for poor little Drag-On. [Sidebar: Isn’t it cool that they sampled the Hit Squad’s own posse cut “The Headbanger”?]

Speaking of EPMD and ‘dem…

Def Squad  – “Full Cooperation” 
The crazy ‘kneegrows’ known as the Def Squad (Keith Murray, Redman and Erick Sermon) took us by storm with this funky banger from the El Nino album. Everybody was bumping their remake of Rapper’s Delight but Full Cooperation was my ‘ish!

Another random fun collabo that came to mind…

DJ Khaled (f/ T.I., Akon, Rick Ross, Fat Joe, Baby and Lil Wayne) – “We Taking Over”
I don’t give a damn what anyone has to say this song is pure hotness! The beat is sick, T.I.’s  kicks it off with a speedy flow that I didn’t know he had it him , Akon delivers a strong hook with out overdoing it (for a change). Not even the mediocre verses by Rick, Joe and Baby could totally tank this song. And, let’s be real,Wayne absolutely slaughters this cut. For some lame ass reason this song was kinda foreshadowed by Khaled’s “I’m So Hood” (boo) but I still remember it fondly.

Props to the locals!

Jay Claxton,  f/ 100 Grandman, Ace Hood and Mims – “We Getting Money” 
I dunno. I guess this may be a guilty pleasure. Call me crazy but I’m digging the irritating yet catchy hook.

Kross, Danj!, JR Sunn and Bas – “Huckleberry” 
“The dead has arisen” lol These dudes went into hiding. Nowadays them dropping a recording is like the Punxsutawny Phil poking his head out.

If you recall I jeered at the “We Are the World” remake; well I can honestly say this version made me forget all about that dreadful rendition:

We Are The World (All Hip Hop Version) – A whole BUNCH of rappers. Lol

*standing O*



4 thoughts on “Music Monday – Posse Cuts

  1. Heeeeeey, haha

    Yep, I rock w/ some of these myself.

    ‘Clones’ was crazy… I was on Black Thought’s verse, that beat, and just the overall goin’-in that everybody did.

    The Ruff Ryder joint surprised me when it dropped. My younger brother (who’s only a year and a half younger than me) didn’t even know about ‘Headbanger’. SMH and lol @ the same time.

    c/s on ‘We Takin’ Over’… they did their thing w/ that one. A great posse cut is hard to come by as of late, but that was one of the best I’d heard in the last few years.

    D&D AllStars was my shit for a second there… especially since I liked every artist on the song and I was a Premo stan at the time.

    That ‘Huckleberry’ is OK too. HAAAA.


    • My favorite verse in Clones is Dice Raw’s. He is still spittin’ flames but his voice is a contrast from the other emcees. It’s refreshing… Damn they don’t make ’em like that anymore. *sigh*

    • Ya know! It’s a shame that this generation will probably know the Roots more as Jimmy Fallon’s band then as the musical geniuses that they are.

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