What in the World?!

For the past week I’ve been a soldier of love waging war on all the love haters of the world. When I heard the remake of “We Are the World” hit YouTube I clicked the link excepting to go into a emotional overload. By the first thirty seconds of the song I felt myself pushed off of cloud nine. Since the intro was horrific I figured it could only get better. Ummm, no. My reactions went from disappointed, to confused, to utterly disgusted. I am far from a producer but the song doesn’t flow well at all (try nodding to it or even clapping to it), the artist line up is awkard, the autotunes additions are laughable, the rap breaks, ugh… Just wrong!  With such a stunning celebrity lineup and the fact that the song is 25 year old, you would think our ear drums would be flooded with musical equivalent of Chateau Lafite wine. Instead, we were treated to an off-tempo mix of Cisco and Mad Dog 20/20.

Let’s take a listen to the orginal:

That’s how you gather an all-star group of performers to sing a beatuiful song with a powerful message. The intro is serenely harmonious and makes you actually want to listen. The 2010 version includes the same lyrics, of course, but the remake’s squeaky then bellowing beginning makes me want to mute the sound and just point out the stars that showed up.

 I truly applaud the efforts of the artists involved and I understand the urgency of raising money to aid Haiti; but the remake of We Are the World seems rushed and thrown together. Maybe it’ll take another 25 years to do the original song justice.

One love. 🙂


5 thoughts on “What in the World?!

  1. Comments from Facebook:

    Marc: yeah, it was wack
    24 minutes ago ·

    Chin Yer: lmao so true.. I’m trying to figure out how Wyclef’s parts made it past Quincy.. whew
    19 minutes ago ·

    Jaye Hunnie: Yeah It’s sad to say it but the remake really does suck.
    17 minutes ago ·

    Jaye Hunnie: LOL Chin-yer, YES! He sounded like he was in pain!
    15 minutes ago ·

    Chin Yer: I know Wyclef’s from Haiti and all..but that don’t mean he should get a pass 4 that ….and the autotune.. NOOOOOOOO!!!
    13 minutes ago ·

    Jaye Hunnie: double ^5, Chin-yer. I agree 250%. lol
    12 minutes ago ·

    Marc: too many yes men in the industry. thats was terrible
    11 minutes ago ·

    Jaye Hunnie: Word. I think it was rushed and not coordinated well. Maybe it’s just me but I think they NEEDED Michael there.
    5 minutes ago

    Marc: yeah, mike worked the first like mozart. wrote the song. wrote everybody part. wrote the ad-libs, the runs. musical genius
    6 minutes ago ·

    Jaye Hunnie: Exactly! *daps*

  2. Maia: Michael is turning over in his grave…it was a good idea but they could have just come up with a new song and got together and sang it…b/c they jacked up a Classic!!!!

    21 minutes ago ·

    Jaye Hunnie: A new song would have worked. I guess they wanted to celebrate the anniversary of the song. * shrugs and smh*
    a few seconds ago ·

  3. Derek: I think the issue I have isn’t that it was remade. It’s the fact that it was done so poorly. Now how in the hail you gonna let that Justin Bieber kid, Nicole Scnickerdoodle from PCD and Miley Cyrus warbling and leave Gladys Knight, Toni Braxton and countless other singers on the sideline singing a chorus. Bullfuckery!!! And Wyclef needs to go sit that down somewhere. Okay, rant over.
    6 minutes ago ·

    Jaye Hunnie: *just choked* LMAO!! Let the church say ya-men…Yaa’men!

  4. Great blog!! And yes I do agree. I tried to like it, Jaye. I really really tried. I gave it the old college try. But…. there’s just no comparison. I know they weren’t trying to make it like the original but the chills that I expected to feel, never came.

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