Boo-lovin’ Day


Of all the non-religious holidays New Year’s is my favorite but Valentine’s Day isn’t too far behind. Some look forward to the prospects of romantic gifts and a night filled with freakazoid activities (not that there’s anything wrong with that!) but I love the concept of celebrating love. In my happily single days I was still a lovebug on Valentine’s and would partake in the cheesey-ness of wearing red and buying candy for the sweethearts in my life like my Moms.  Even I became happily involved not much changed and it my have gotten worse because the best date I’ve ever had was me and Q’s first Valentine’s Day as a couple. Years later we still remember some of the smallest details of that day/night. [Please don’t think I’m ‘bout to put our business out there!] This year we have plans for just us (nope, I’m still not putting my business out there so don’t ask) and I can’t wait to get my “boo-love on”!   😀

As with most love-filled things there are plenty of people out there to hate on Valentine’s Day. People spew nonsense about how it’s yet another materialistic day that has lost its meaning. Then there are the negative theories about the origins of Valentine’s Day. Both may very well be true but to that I say: Shut up and go get some nookie like everybody else! lol

Years ago me and my hubster decided not to trade big gifts. We’ll get each other something if we feel compelled to but it’s not required. Because of that ritual, I’m one of the lucky ones that don’t have to scramble around for the perfect manly Valentine’s gifts ideas. Those that enjoy sharing tokens of affection with your main dude but are still stumped about what to get can check out:

 Valentines For Your Man

 If none of those ideas suit you (or him) just go down The Block and get a ‘costume’. hehe

Like I said we don’t make promises to trade real gifts but Q has been known to gets me some kind of chocolate because he knows that’ll make me happy (and it’s cheap. Ha) Fellas take note: A box of chocolates is nice but your lady will go gaga over some good chocolate covered strawberries!

^That’s a box of insanely deliciously box of chocolate covered strawberries that I got from Q. (Vendor: Floral Fruit)

Even if you give them to her and she acts like they aren’t a big deal; after that first bite the panties will immediately hit the floor. lol Oh add if you top it off with some chilled champagne and it’s a wrap!  Regardless of age or shape, the combo of chocolate strawberries and champagne will have her doing handstands and Tantric positions all night long. 

I’m not kidding fellas. Consider yourself schooled. 😉


3 thoughts on “Boo-lovin’ Day

  1. Comments from Face Book:

    Raven: That picture!! LMAO
    Me: I like how he gets a RUNNING start on it! LMAO
    Me: Oh u gotta click the link to see the animation. Woo weeee!

    Heidi: Okkkaaaay Jaye! ^5 on that. I’m going to start stretching NOW so I can go that fast!!
    Me: Don’t forget a jug of Gatorade to replenish. LOL

  2. Jaye, LOL, I love it! Couples need to do what suits them, what creates loving memories, what makes them sweat out that do and not give a dayummmm!

    One of my most memorable dates with Tony wasn’t anything over the top expensive … we went ice skating and to this day (that was my first time ice skating), memories of that day bring on the biggest grin.

    Okay the animation has me watching the front door waiting for hubby to get back.

    ***ohhhh yeah***

    • Hey Moe!

      Thanks for checking in. You and Tony are one of the couples that we want to be when we grow up! ha Aren’t sweet date memories the best? *swoon* Love is a beautiful thang.

      Yep, that graphic put a couple ideas in my head too. Hmmmm… LOL

      Enjoy Valentine’s weekend!

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