Snowpocalypse 2010

Music Monday is still buried under the 2-4 feet of snow that hit the Mid-Atlantic so I’m going to dedicate this entry to HOW I SURVIVED THE BLIZZARD OF 2010.

“Dude, where’s my car?!” (2nd floor view of my backyard)

 ^Believe it or not our SUV is under there!^

Snowpolcalypse Survival Tool #1 – Food and drink

This wasn’t the first snow fall of the winter but those few inches we got in December was a walk in the park compare to the 26-32 inches that was dumped on the area. The snow frenzy began mid last week. First the expected amount was 12 inches and I didn’t bat an eye. That total was increased to 18 and I wrote my market shopping list. Then the news forecasted 24+ inches and my mouth dropped. On Wednesday me and Q stocked up on Super Bowl essentials

^Buffalo wings, fries, pizza bagels, mozzarella sticks, honey mustard chicken bites and Bourbon chicken bites (for my Saints! ha). The “joy juice” came out after the kids were in bed. 😉

Originally, I was booked to bartend at a relative’s annual Super Bowl extravaganza but that, of course, was cancelled so we decided to have our own little party.   It would be redundant to say that I was insanely happy that my Saints won the Super Bowl!!! (WHO DAT?!) During the last Saints touchdown I was spazing out, took a dive on to my couch and could have sworn that I heard a cracking sound. I’m happy to report that my sofa is fine and so am I.

Snowpocalypse Survival Tool #2 – Electronics (Wii, Cable TV and Computers)

The perfect silly, intense, entertaining and exhausting G-rated activity for being snowed in has to be playing Wii. Super Mario Bros. got the most play but I remember quite a few games of The Price Is Right had me on the edge of my seat! Haha Yes, I’m one of those players that will yell, curse and jump out of my chair during a Wii session. My oldest is my usual partner or opponent while playing. Honestly, I can’t figure out what makes her laugh harder; me losing or the “colorful language” that I use while I’m losing.

Cable TV 
My Facebook status last night: “Because of my husband I just suffered through Harold and Kumar 2. *smh* Thank goodness for my ‘friend’, Bacardi Bahama Mama! *cheers*” Weather-related news ruled our television for much of the day but movie and music channels kept us from going snow crazy.  Thanks to DVR I was able to catch up on episodes of America’s Best Dance Crew (guilty pleasure). Q had to go out and clean off the dish a couple times but for the most part t.v. viewing was smooth sailing.

I now realize that we are truly slaves for electronics. On several occasions during these blizzards, I’ve been on the main PC while Q was on his laptop and my Mini-Me was on her netbook. Damn shame. You have to admit though; computers can be pretty convenient while snowed in. I can easily multitask between checking mail, chatting with buddies, apply to jobs, hearing new music and shop at the same time. Sah-weet!

Snowpocalypse Survival Tool #3 – Chores

Ok, this really isn’t the most fun tool but chores definitely help pass the time. And let’s be real, there is absolutely NO excuse to not handle chores this week. Even the old lady across the street took the opportunity to do her part to clear some snow from around her house without actually leaving her house:

^Yep, that’s my neighbor ‘shoveling’ her awning while hanging out of the window. In the picture you can’t see the lovely housecoat and hairscarf she was wearing. I’m not mad at ya, Ms G!  haha

Snowpocalypse Survival Tool #4 – Loved ones

All of previous luxuries have helped me get through the Snowpocalypse but the very best thing I have with me is my family. My best laughs have come from my kids’ antics. Hubby has shoveled his heart out and helped me with buckets when one of our windows mysteriously started leaking for a few hours (it stopped…for now). And via phone I’ve had some good long talks with my Moms around the corner and Pops, who talked about how ‘cold’ it is Florida (55-60 degrees. Ha!)

Snowpocalypse Survival Tool # 5 – GOD

God, thank you for letting me have all of the above, life and a warm, safe home to lay my head. There are so many people out there that aren’t as fortunate. Be grateful peeps!



2 thoughts on “Snowpocalypse 2010

  1. Your pictures remind me of 1978 in CT. We shoveled tunnel-like to get out. The STATE was shut down for 3 or 4 days. (And it is cold here – can’t wear my sandels)

    • Hey Denise!

      Too chilly for sandals? LOL Florida needs to get its act together! 🙂

      I can’t compare this to the ’78 storm but I remember the storms of ’96 and ’03. Neither of those can touch this one with a ten foot pole. It’s now literally ILLEGAL to go out on the streets now. The mayor said that police have been authorized to ticket or arrest people found driving and in some cases walking! It’s nuts here.

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