Music Monday – Grammy’s 2010

Of course, Music Monday is dedicated to last night’s Grammy’s. Since this is not a news/gossip entertainment blog, I’m not going to recap all of the night’s highlights. There are a few events of the evening that stuck out to me for various reasons.

 The decision to have Lady Gaga kick off the night was a great one. As many predicted her costume was,  ummmm…distinctive.  My kids and I were hoping she’d perform ‘Paparazzi’ but were satisfied with ‘Poker Face’.   It was a nice surprise to see Seaweed [from Hairspray the Movie] as a part of her performance though I didn’t really get his purpose. Wait a minute, I tried to actually understand something during a Gaga performance. *smh* My bad.  The Worst Seat of the Night award goes to whom was sitting behind her.

 Black Eyed Peas… Umph… Never mind.  

Another divalicious performance of the night was Beyonce’s number. Honestly, I expected a bit more. The song selection, of “If I Were a Boy” with her version of Alanis Morrisette’s  “You Oughta Know” was more torturous than entertaining. I kept anticipating the beat of “Single Ladies” blending in so Ms. Fierce could give us what we really wanted! I was disappointed. It was confirmed that I wasn’t the only one bored with her set when I noticed more comments/tweets about her hair ‘enhancements’ than her performance.  And what was up with the soldier backup dancers?

The best tweet I saw about them came from my homie, Kelly: “The s1w’s and Stormtroopers had babies and they grew up to be Beyonce’s dancers.”

 There must have been a war theme going on because Jamie Foxx came out wearing what looked like a Civil War uniform with matching knee boots (Sidebar: Dudes in really tall boots make my eyebrow raise.) Perhaps he’s expressing his interest in a sequel to the movie Glory. T-Pain took the stage looking like he took grooming tips from Rick Ross. Though I didn’t understand his connection to the song Doug E. Fresh was a pleasant surprise. Ditto for Slash from Guns ‘N Roses. For a split second I thought Gabbie from the Precious came out to dance but it wasn’t her. And I’ll just leave it at that.  Beside those things I actually enjoyed this part of the show because it livened the night back up.

 I won’t front the MJ tribute brought tears to my eyes. “Michael just wanted to heal the world. Mike ain’t wanna hurt nobodyyyyy!” is what ran through my head then came the sniffles. *clears my throat*

Kudos to Ms. Roberta Flack for stepping in to intercept Maxwell’s squealing. I love ya Maxwell, really I do, but those pretty wings were broken last night.  Max and Roberta’s duet was pleasantly melodic. She seemed to gaze off like she didn’t know where she was a few times but she sang beautifully.

I would comment on the Drake, Lil Wayne, Eminem performance but it was so edited that only about 4 bars of it could actually be heard.

 Best performance of the night goes to Pink: 

Ok, the trapeze thing is way played out now but she still smashed it! Bravo

 Click here for an official list of all the winners and nominees. 

Here’s Special K‘s unofficial list of Celebrities That Couldn’t Get Into The Grammy’s:

K-Ci and Jo Jo
Montel Jordan
Ms. Jay from America’s Next Top Model
T-Boz and Chili
Kelly and Michelle of Destiny’s Child

Honorable Mentions:
Blu Cantrell
Beanie Seagel
Sunshine Anderson
The Eastside Boys (-Lil Jon)
Junior Mafia
Mr Cheeks.

I was elated to see this person actually was granted access:

 lol See ya!


2 thoughts on “Music Monday – Grammy’s 2010

  1. Hands down PINK blew it outta the water, park…uhh …err….stage LOL. I was mesmerized by her athletic abilities and her soulful vocals while suspended, twirling, flipping through the air! GO PINK!!! Okay on Jamie and T-Pain-in-my-ass I will not comment 1 thing comes to mind and it starts with B and ends with foon!! Anywho, great recap Jaye!!

    • “it starts with B and ends with foon!! ” … Gyrl, I just choked on my juice after reading that. LOL! Thanks Jahli! *daps*

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