Music Monday – Purple Pain

Music Monday is decided to Prince and his atrocious anthem for the Minnesota Vikings. The Purple Wonder created a song so horrible that even Vikings fans cussed him out. Hear for yourself:

When I heard the song for the first time my immediate thought, after WTF?, was “Oh yeah, they are going to lose. Thank you Prince!” (my hubby can vouch for this) Yep, I thought that song was such disaster that it would jinx the Vikings and the Saints (my team) would win. Haha I proclaimed to a few others that the song would jinx the Vikings and even posted it on my Facebook profile. To the surprise of many the Saints won and are headed to the SuperBowl for the first time in their franchise history. Was it because The Saints are a great team? Was it because The Vikings made too many careless mistakes? IMO both are true but a tiny piece of the puzzle could also be the Vikings thoughts of Prince’s “Purple and Gold” airplay being prolonged if they won another game and they’d rather lose than hear it again. ha Don’t get me wrong; I like Prince but now I know what it sounds like when doves cry… no wail in agony!

The only thing left to say is: WHO DAT?!


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