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The good ol’ days!

I remember being in my late teens/early 20’s and laughing at the awkward comedic genius of a lanky, pale, red-headed guy that came after all the “whitebread late-night talk shows” went off.  His intro alone was entertaining. (If your are unfamiliar the routine was to do a jump, a James Brown spin and sometime top it off with the patented “String Dance” with his hips. lol Yes, it’s as funny as it sounds)  The outrageous characters like the Pimp-bot, the Masturbating Bear and Triumph the Insult Dog made my jawdrop.  I’d instantly burst with laughter when Conan would interview various high profile celebrities via teletron, which were actually photos with mouth area strategically removed and replaced it with a staff member’s lips.  Oh and who could forget “In the year two-thou-sooooond”, (In the year 2000) a skit of humorous predictions for the year 2000 that was so popular that it continued long after we welcomed the new millennium.


Being a Conan fan, I was crazy happy for his big move to from Late Night to the Tonight Show. I thought “My boy Conan is finally going to get his props!” At the time was a little sad to see Jay Leno ‘retire’ because I honestly liked Jay’s monologues and the “Headlines” skit every Monday. BUT I was more of a Conan fan so I happily waved goodbye to Jay. I’ll be honest; I did notice a change in Conan after the move to the Tonight Show. His material was more tame (not in a good way) and it seemed that he was restricted from being the goofy geek that I was used to. I chalked it up to him trying to appeal to that “whitebread crowd” that faithfully watch the Tonight Show and I continued to keep tuning in. Apparently, I was the only one because NBC tried to give Conan the shaft because of low ratings and here I am preparing to watch the last episode of the Tonight Show with Conan O’Brien.


The whole situation sucks but I’m glad Conan and his staff was hit off with a healthy settlement. It’s really messed up when you think about the move from N.Y.C. to L.A. that Conan, his family, his staff and their families made in order to be a part of the Tonight Show legacy!  The big wigs at NBC and Jay Leno should be ashamed (I will not be watching his show anymore) and my boy Jimmy Fallon better watch his back!

 Well let me get comfy so I can give “Coco” my full attention. Ha

 Oh last but not least Rest In Peace to Apache and Mr. Teddy Pendergrass. 😦 


2 thoughts on “Team CoCo

  1. I usually used to watch Conan strictly for the monologues every night- “In The Year 2000” and ESPECIALLY Triumph had me rollin’. I never really checked for Leno like that, but he had his moments.

    But yeah, that’s some ol’ foulness, for real. Props to Co for standing up though. A lot of people would’ve gladly got pushed back and happily accepted it because they were still getting paid. Conan said “fukk that”, and STILL gettin’ paid!

    Leno’s been gettin’ hell rained on him all week tho’ (Jimmy Kimmel MURDERED him), and rightfully so.

    And yep- big RIPs to Teddy & Apache… It’s so good, lovin’ a gangsta bitch, when that gangsta bitch loves you back.


    • Yeah. Conan got GANGSTA! ha I was already a fan but I’m really bigging Conan up for his stance. It was probably a really tough decision especially since it also involved his staff and their families. I expect NBC to be a bunch of greedy snakes but I’m really surprised at Jay. How would he feel if Johnny Carson came back a few months after he took over the Tonight Show? Jay KNOWS better. *smh*

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