Music Monday – Audiogalaxy

Hello world! And by world I mean the two people that actually read this blog. lol I had every intention on filling in the blank between these two Music Monday entries but that didn’t happen.

 Anyway, MY version of Music Mondays can be about anything music related not just my favorite artists or songs. I dedicate this week’s Music Monday to something I held near and dear to my heart, the music sharing site, Audiogalaxy.  


From afar I saw the rise and fall of [free] Napster in the late 90’s. That didn’t affect me much because I was one of the cool nerds that knew early, Audiogalaxy made Napster look like an 8-track jukebox. With the easy to navigate site and extensive genre categories it was a snap to find music you were searching for and discover new music based on your steez. My PC was loaded with some Hip Hop classics, Baltimore Club Music mixes, and rare House music remixes that I still haven’t been able to find online since! (This was long before iPods and other MP3 players.)

 As with anything that’s too good, there were some repercussions for my over usage. The hundreds of songs lead to my computer getting a vicious virus, which caused it to totally freeze immediately it was booted. It was so bad that I couldn’t even get to Windows’ desktop. Nothing a call to my favorite computer repair crew couldn’t fix. Umph! After having the PC wiped clean and back in business, the normal person would have left Audiogalaxy alone. Not I. Armed with the latest virus protection I went back to Audiogalaxy to rebuild my collection. Everyday I notice more and songs were ‘blocked’ or not searchable. Eventually Audiogalaxy was taken down by “tha man” (to my surprise Wikipedia says Rhapsody is the reincarnate of Audiogalaxy). Anyway, I was forced to dapple in Kazaa, and Limewire, which were cool because there were videos, but I never clung to them as I did Audiogalaxy.  According to the new Audiogalaxy site it’s supposed to be re-launching this year but I’m sure it will fail in comparison to the first one.

 *pouring out a little liquor for the original AG*

I’ll end this Music Monday entry off on my new favorite slow jam, from B-more’s own, Paula Campbell featuring Ne-Yo (yes, NE YO!)

“Denial” (remix) – Paula Campbell featuring NeYo

Yes you can download…I mean sample it free at that link. *shh!*

Also check out the interview/article I did on Ms. Paula back in 2004. (Wow. Time flies!)




3 thoughts on “Music Monday – Audiogalaxy

  1. Hey crazy chick. Where’s my Music Monday? LOL I just added you to my new Twitter account @waterchylde. Yes, NEW. LOL The previous one is my business account and this one is personal.:)

    • Hey, hey mamacita. Ummm, “See what happened was….” haha Ok, ok I got a little extra busy. Ironically my days off are busier than my working days. I love blogging but life gets in the way sometime. *pout* I’ll truly try to do better.

      Thanks for the Twitter add. I need to hit you up on some other cyber-related-ness. 😉 I’ll holla!

  2. this takes me back..i remember those days…i was very sad when audiogalaxy disapeared..i didnt even bother to find a replacement..there could be none that could deliver that product with such ease of use…thanx for the memories..

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