Music Monday – A Lovely Sade

HAPPY 2010!

Don’t you just love the prospect of a new year and new beginnings. Yes it’s a new year but much like the last previous year(s) I’m already crazy busy. Today I’d planned to kick off the start of 2010 with what I’ve cleverly coined “Music Monday”. What better way than to kick off the week than with favorite music? However during my 10 hour job shift I was slammed with post-holiday flood of work then it was immediately off to dinner with relatives that stopped in town. Upon getting home and getting settled I noticed that Monday is over! Well there are still 3 ½ hours of Monday left on the Westcoast so I guess I could stick to my original plan. Or maybe I’ll just kick off the year with “Tuesday Tunes”… Errr, never mind.

Since this BAND is releasing a long awaited new album this year I’ll dedicate this Music Monday to SADE!

No, that wasn’t a typo (for once), Sade is actually a band made up of the Sade Adu, Stuart Matthewman, Paul Denman and Andrew Hale. The facts about Sade can be Googled so in this dedication I’ll include my favorite Sade videos:

^This is a cut from my very favorite Sade album, Love Deluxe. Beautiful song, beautifully sensual yet simple video. 

^Not my favorite Sade song but the video is captivating. Handle your business, mama!

^This is from the era when the world fell in love with Sade.

^Many of Sade’s best cuts werent huge hits. Umph The bassline in this song is sick! I already loved this track but I really love this concert video (from Love Deluxe tour in1993) because it shows the band jammin’ and having fun but they still sound fantastic. There weren’t in stops in Baltimore then but I did attend the Lover’s Live tour when it came to town in 2001. Amazing show!

Sade’s latest album is scheduled to drop this February. To check out the first single visit , of course!

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One thought on “Music Monday – A Lovely Sade

  1. From Facebook:

    Warren Young – Very informative…I knew that but at of people dont know it’s really a band.. do ya thang!
    January 5 at 11:03pm ·

    Jaye Hunnie – Hey Warren! How r ya?… Thanks for checkin’ out my blog. And yep, real heads know that Sade is actually a band and not just the vocalist.
    January 5 at 11:42pm ·

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