Whats old is new again

One of the quirky things that I do is collect fortune cookie fortunes. Today at work my department ordered lunch from our favorite Chinese joint. As usual I cracked off half of the cookie to pull the fortune out, in preparation to finish it then read my ‘destiny’. For the first time I noticed that my cookie had more than one fortune. Not two but three fortunes were stuck together in there. I thought it was so cool that before I even ate the other half or read the fortunes I grabbed my phone to take a picture (Yes, I’m a dork).

fortunecookies.jpg picture by LadyJaye1978

Anyway, all three fortunes read: ” 🙂 You will be singled out for promotion. 🙂 ” 

fortunes.jpg picture by LadyJaye1978

Intially, I had some mixed emotions  about my fortune(s). I’m thankful to be employed  and all but I’m not so sure this gig is THE one. Yes, I was ready to drop kick a former project partner  for not holding up her end of the workload but it was more about the principle than the actual job.  On the other hand, a promotion would get a very warm welcome from my bank account. Hmmm… Ok, let me slow my roll. I can’t go planning shopping sprees based on  seven words shoved into a  tasteless cookies… Or can I? ha

We are coming to the end of the end/decade and like every prior year most people do a recap of all the significant events of the past 365 days. The biggest headlines of this year, the US having a Black president and the death of Michael Jackson, still leave me speechless so I’m not even going to try to recap. I’ll save that for every other form of media to do that. In my own little world I witnessed many tears and many smiles with the death of my father-in-law and the birth of my youngest child. Instead of the long sentimental/humorous memories of the year I’m going to post the stuff that I’ve thoroughly enjoyed this past week. Ironically, some of my recent favorite things just prove the saying: what’s old is new again…

Biz Markie’s Radio Shack/Nikon commercial

My 2 year old jumped up and yelled “OH SNAP! Guess what I saw!” every single time this commercial came on. Hip Hop lover allready!

In 2009 I never though I’d say “that new Snoop song is my sh!t!” but I have!

Only Snoop could take an amped up song like It Takes Two, slow it down and make it fit like glove. The video is fiyah (the dance crews are excellent for keeping the kids’ attention) but all the poppin’ and jerkin’ is an optional form of entertainment because the cut is crazy smooth. Go ‘head Snoop. show them youngins how it’s done!

Chasing magic mushrooms,  pouncing on turtleshelled dragons and searching for portals to secret worlds was how I spent countless hours back in 1986 but this is also how I spent hours of this past weekend. Over the years I’ve played sequels that tried to capture the fun of the first but finally I can say Super Mario Bros is BACK:


Gen Xer’s will appreciate the many features from the orginial Mario Bros but our kids are entertained but the crazy antics and excitement of the new obstacles. I will admit that 2 player mode will make you want to hurt somebody if your partner is wack but its still fun. [Sidebar: Wii Resort is a winner too. I have a twinge in my shoulder as a result of ninja style swordfight fighting but instead of taking a break I just switched my fighting stance. Yeah it’s that’s addictive. You have been warned!]

Welp, this will more than likely be my last entry of the year. I want to wish you all a safe and HAPPY NEW YEAR!


3 thoughts on “Whats old is new again

  1. Oh snap! Biz has cashed crazy checks off that song this whole decade (at least one would hope)… the Mario joint, then movies, then that sh*t was two different commercials… jeesh

    but yep… old ish comin’ back, as it always does. i’m waitin’ for the college hoodies to return, haha


  2. ya know! It seems like Just A Friend is making more money for Biz than when it was a out.

    Oh snap! HBCU hoodies? The ones with the stitches all over them? lol If they come back the matching drawstring skullies gotta come back too. ha

    Have a Happy New Year, D!

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