Not the Same

Hey there e’rybody!

 Usually I’m in Jersey this time of year but because of a few unpredicted events, that tradition had to be broken. That’s life, huh?

My Facebook status from yesterday: Let’s skip tomorrow and go straight to Charlie Brown Christmas specials, cranberry sauce and the Temptations singing “Silent Night”. 🙂

I won’t be a total Thanksgiving Scrooge. Today is a day for giving thanks and I have a lot to be thankful for but I’m going to shoutout the little overlooked things in life.

 I am thankful for…

…the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade for making me remember past Thanksgivings when I would watch it from my grandmother’s house. As I speak, my oldest children are sitting on the floor ooooing and ahhhing over the floats and performances.

…those little “rubber-finger-condom-thingies” that keep you from getting paper cuts.
Currently, I’m handling a lot of paper on a daily basis and without that wonderful invention my fingers would look like I shook hands with Freddy Kruger. 

…online access via my cell phone. Remember the world before cell phones OR the Internet?! That’s back when dinosaurs roamed the Earth, right?

…Breyer’s Mint Chocolate Chip 

well, Breyer’s in general. Ditto for Hershey’s. Yes, my mid-section and thighs are cursing you but my tongue is eternally grateful.

…household cleaning products. Mr. Clean Magic Eraser, Shout, Swiffer, Orange Glo and all other domestic blessings.

…every shoe company that makes cute shoes in wide widths. My feet really < heart > you.



Recording something on t.v. without fumbling with bulky VHS tapes or praying the VCR works properly is on of those small blessings I really like. It’s a trip because I’m so addicted to rewinding stuff that one time I was listening to the radio in the car and I thought “What did he say? Let me rewind that…” haha


WordPress and all other blogger host sites that give us the freedom to talk about everything and nothing!


[Sidebar: Much love to Blogs By Black Women !!! They have added this blog to their network. THANKS! 🙂 ]


Welp, I just rocked out with the kiddies to the Yo Gabba Gabba and Jim Fallon w/ the Roots songs during the parade. *whew * Since I’m not feeling that festive and I have to work tomorrow, I’m going to get ready to go shopping in an hour or so. Yep, I’m making it a Black Thursday. ha! Anyway…



2 thoughts on “Not the Same

  1. Happy Thanksgiving to you too, Jaye.
    Stop making me feel old about life before cell phones and the internet. LOL Ty and I were talking about life before call waiting. I am very grateful for that LOL

    • OMG. Life before call waiting = “ant ant ant…” aka the sound of a constant busy signal.

      I remember when one of my friend hipped me to dialing *66. Automated operator: “The line you are calling is busy. If the line becomes available in the next 30 minutes you will receive a special ring…” LMAO Can you tell I talked on the phone a lot as a teenager? 🙂

      How ’bout my mother just got call waiting in 2002 and that’s only because it was a free part of her calling package when she switched companies! lol

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