Last night while watching Jim Fallon I saw this jaw dropping clip of a warehouse fork lifter operator hard at work:

Damn, damn, DAMN! The shelves that came tumbling down were stocked with over $250,000 of Russian vodka. Hmmm…a forklift DUI, maybe?


This reminded me of another wildly popular clip that involves shelves and liquor.

 Blame it on the Budweiser? Ok, this dude may have been on a bit more than an alcohol influence. I have so many questions about this one. 1) How did he get from his house? Lawd please don’t tell me he drove! 2) Why is he acting like his head weights a ton? I’ve seen people’s bodies do strange things while fucked up but I’ve never seen anyone act as if their head was an Olympic medicine ball.  3) What circus does he belong to? In a few scenes his back bends are so gravity defying that I thought I was watching a magic show.


While I’m on the subject there was no way I could forget the KING of all liquor store related clips:

  …Originally I saw this clip a few years ago without a soundtrack and I literally had to make myself stop replaying it because I got a headache from laughing so hard. The incidents of the video plus the genius of adding Akon’s “Locked Up” caused me to laugh ‘til I was in pain all over again. 


Lastly in lic’a related news my favorite drinking buddy and best friend of twenty years is moving out-of-state this weekend. Our farewell festivities took place on Halloween night. All I’ll say is we went to two parties but the very best costumes can still be found walking down the street in Fells Point, the very best drink of the night was my own mix of fruit punch, lemon Ketel One and Paul Masson brandy, and the very best girlfriend I have is Stacey! Since we were in full-on party mode over the weekend it didn’t sink in that my main homeslice won’t be living 7 minutes away from me anymore. I miss her already! Ok, now I need a dranky-drink. *pout*


Ciao folks


2 thoughts on “Wasted

  1. Facebook Comment:

    Starlene Joyner Burns- You are such an entertainer. The forklift driver would have been fired. And trust me, I understand accidents.
    Yesterday at 3:54pm

    Jaye Hunnie – I think I would have fired him and tried to sue him for his first born. Hahaha That was A LOT of damage. But in his defense those shelves didnt look too stable.
    8 minutes ago

  2. Facebook comment:

    Derek Jones -That vodka never did nothin’ to nobody. Do we pour out a little liquor and sing “Gangsta Lean”? “This is for my homies…”
    8 minutes ago

    Jaye Hunnie – Yeah that poor innocent vodka. Damn shame, I tell ya. LOL!! @ Gangsta Lean! *putting on a bandana, khakis and a flannel buttoned all the way to the top* ha

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