Up until a few minutes ago I didn’t know what this blog entry would be about. Earlier this evening, I came across a messageboard post about someone that felt unsure about their relationship. They basically knew what they wanted to tell their mate but instead of being honest they just let the relationship drag like a soggy diaper. After reading, I wondered what kept them from going with how they REALLY FEEL about their mate. At my day job, the department head decided to create a Suggestion Box for our department to drop anonymous thoughts in to ‘make the office run more smoothly’. Apparently, there is some tension going on amongst co-workers that I’m basically clueless about because my head is usually in the clouds while at work.  Anyway, various passive-aggressive notes were read out loud during the staff meeting and they seemed to be directed at particular people/situations. After the confused thoughts escaped my mind, I wondered why  the authors of these notes don’t say how they REALLY FEEL?  Just a few moments ago, I uploaded a picture that I took while at Morgan State’s Homecoming Parade:

Ok, this sister is telling Senator McFadden how she REALLY FEELS, huh?

Now I do believe that everyone should be treated with deserved respect and it’s not cool to purposely hurt someone’s feeling but sometimes a lot of stress and drama can be eliminated by telling someone how you REALLY FEEL. In some cases the advice you give may benefit someone or at least make them think about the situation from another perspective.

 You all know my blog enties are all over the place and don’t have to stick to one topic so I’m going to close this out with fun non-related stuff simply because I FEEL like it! 🙂  

My mother is my bargain-hunting buddy and we recently went to a popular store that’s known for low prices. While browsing the aisles of this discount store, I came across a piece of framed art that would match really well with my dining room. The colors scheme was perfect and at first glance the message was sweet. At FIRST glance.  I picked it up for a closer look then read the print again…
 Wait a damn minute; “family” only has one ‘i’ !   Ok, I’ll overlook a scratch or something but I can NOT knowingly purchase some shit that has “Faimily” on it.   As I shook my head and placed the artwork back I wondered how many people bought one without taking a good look and how the item made it to the shelves in the first place!  Even for a discount chain that’s a no-no. As the saying goes, you get what you pay for.


 Sidebar: Please don’t think  that I go around looking for mistakes in print. I’m a typo queen so I would have some nerve purposely looking for other’s errors. All of these are things that happen in my everyday life and I just happen to have a camera ready. 😉  

 This video was brought to my attention by my homie, Jahli. (Hey OOWE sista!) Initially, this little chick made me laugh but by the end of the video she made me get up and want to whine it out!





2 thoughts on “How you REALLY FEEL

  1. True… I know I’m a lot more forward than I used to be, because more often than not, I tell people exactly what I think about things. I have a GANG of stuff (whether good or bad) that I wish I’d said to lots of people, but I used to be a lot more hushed. I thought of it as bein’ respectful or not being obnoxious… as time went on, I just realized I was only doin’ a disservice to myself. At least now, I don’t have to carry that kinda weight- I can go thru life knowin’ I let people know when they’re on some ol’ bullshit. It’s an incredible thing, really it is.


    shoutout to you and your faimily.

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