Hey peoples! Just checkin’ in real quick before I start yet another hectic day.  

I must admit there have been a  few really strange days for me since my last entry. A good eardrum-shattering scream would help but that would also scare my family so I’ll have good ol’ Kerney Thomas do it for me:

(I’m sorry but that fool is hilarious! Anyone who can shout like a tortured cat while peddling rags and vials of tap water is blog worthy.)

 Anyway, life is packed with surprises and I was hit with one yesterday. Yes, I was a little taken back by the unexpected events but I’m not shaken. Sometimes you just have to say “It is what it is” and keep it moving.  *shoulder sweep*

 Speaking of surprises, the internet was jumping during and after the VMAs thanks to the astonishing acts of Kanye and Lil Mama. The topic of them bogarting the stage have been run into the ground so I’m not going to try to revive the convo but somebody out there needs a laugh, myself included, so I’ll re-post some related quiz results and pictures:

Where will Kanye interrupt you?  

Jaye’s results: Childbirth

You love children. The best feeling you’ve ever had or will have is childbirth. Your kids won’t even make it in the world without Kanye being there to try to overshadow the moment. “Yo yo… Imma let you finish pushing in a whole minute, but you know..Jennifer Hudson had the best childbirth of all time.”

Fellow Facebookers can also take this quiz at:

 Last week I literally viewed dozens and dozens of pictures that people have Photoshopped Lil Mama in. Here’s two of my favorites:

If those aren’t enough check out LA’s Power 106 blog for more.

* whew * I haven’t laughed that hard in minute. Kudos also to the dude that Photoshopped Lil Mama on to every Jay-Z album cover. LMAO!

 And speaking of wanting a laugh, this entry’s “WTF Picture” is courtesy of a flier to a comedy show.

B-More’s best comedy…COMEDY, huh? And the special guest DC’ own Fat Lawrence is so good they also had to mention him twice! hahaha  If the stand-up is as funny as the flier it should be a pretty good show.

 Well, on my way out I’ll leave a little inspirational note that I stumbled upon a few days ago:

 “When you choose bitterness, you hurt yourself and shut the door on happiness because you can’t be happy and bitter at the same time” – the Word for You Today



4 thoughts on “Surprise

  1. SMH… that flier is a tragedy… TRAGEDY.

    That Kanye sh*t is 100 kinds of overblown the way people went so super-duper hard with all the coverage. Def. uncalled for, as were his actions too. I’ll never understand why he has fits over awards like he does.

    BUT the internet and Photoshop have made both the Kanye and Lil’ Mama situations a MILLION times funnier than they originally were.

    I saw a .GIF with Michael Jackson dancing across the stage… Lil’ Mama pops into the picture… Michael kicks his foot out and kicks Mama back off the stage. HAAAAA!

    what a week of internet fukkery.


  2. LOL @ “internet fukkery”. Neither incident was worth all the attention but I surely appreciate the laughs. When it comes to clowning celebrites people can be unbelievably imaginative. I’m remembering the web-hoopla that Aretha Franklin’s Inaugaration Hat caused and how people Photoshopped it on everything from pets to Mount Rushmore. Haha!

    Oh and I don’t know if this is the .GIF you are talking about but this one is in a friend’s signature:

    LLS <– "the new LOL"

    • Yep, yep, Raven! Life is like a bunch ofchocolates…Ok, now I’m hungry. (P.S. I’m replying to this from my email box without even going to my blog orWordpress. This is toofrickin’ cool!)

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