“Paranoia will destroy ya”

“Paranoia will destroy ya” – HBO’s  Hung

It’s impossible to be liked by everyone. There will be times when people can’t stand you for absolutely no valid reason. Since I learned this fact of life a while ago I tend to only value the opinions of the people that actually matter to me. It seems to be common knowledge that people can dislike others without knowing them (hence the “hater” phenomenon) but what happens in the cases where the animosity is mistaken?

I know a certain person that insists the world is against them. Everybody is supposedly mean-mugging them or talking about them. Most recently, while out in public we saw a random person in passing. The random person didn’t present any beef to me but my associate swore this random stranger was frowning at them. In my honest opinion, the random stranger that was supposedly throwing us shade didn’t seem to be frowning at all. Yes, they seemed a little nosey and probably ease dropping on our convo but I didn’t feel they were giving the gasface. Similar situations have happened with the associate of mine and I’m starting to wonder. The field of Mental Health is not at all my specialty but I suspect a case of paranoia. It’s getting to the point where I want to shake them and yell “Ain’t nobody thinkin’ ’bout yooooou!” but they’d probably think I was hating on them too. (Chile please!)  I’m not really sure about how to handle the person’s paranoia but I have learned [the hard way] not to get caught up in their drama. Usually I don’t mind sticking my neck out for someone that I strongly believe is being wronged because there actually are really bitchy people in the world that need to be stood up to. But when this particular person complains about being the victim I question the truth because that mo’fo is crazy!

In the meantime, I guess there’s nothing left to do but pray for this wacko. *shrugs* Welp, I have to hit the road and run some errands so I’ll keep this entry short and sweet.

The song of the day:

My Mind’s Playing Tricks On Me – Geto Boys


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2 thoughts on ““Paranoia will destroy ya”

  1. HAHA… Ohhhh yeah. I def. know somebody like this. I tend to think that if everywhere you go, there’s someone giving you a hard time, lookin at you funny, or doing something (read: nothing) to make you feel like they’re against you… it MIGHT JUST BE YOU. Maybe YOU got something wrong with you. Maybe your personality sucks, maybe you’re looking at them funny, maybe you got a lil’ crust cluster creepin’ out the top of your nose… but it ain’t them, it’s YOU. Nobody’s hatin’ on you stupid, they just don’t like ya. LOL…


    • Hello?! I’m not one to easily follow mainstream opinion but if everybody is hatin’ JUST on you then, like you said, maybe it’s not hatin’.

      Sidebar: *switching on my Angry Man from Martin voice* “Man, sit yo dumb ass down!” @ Kanye West during the VMAs.

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