WTF on Wheels

“Did ya miss me?!” Lol


What’s up, my good peoplez? For the most part you all know how insanely hectic my life is so I don’t need to explain my M.I.A.-ness. I’m here now. Not completely free, I’m actually typing this with one hand which I rock my 2 month old to sleep, but I’m here! [Thank goodness for Facebook and Twitter statuses which are the quickest ways to update everybody with what’s going on with me. Love it!]
This week I had the interesting option to work four 10 hour days with Wednesday off. A sensible person in my hectic situation would have taken the day to rest, whereas I took the day to play hooky from the kids, do brunch with hubby and spend the rest of the day doing serious damage at the mall. Friday night would have been a good time to get some sleep since I could sleep late but nope, me and three friends took a party caravan down to DC to shake our tail feathers. I got home around 4am, only for my toddler to wake us up at 7:45am. Oh well, that’s life. There’s plenty of time to catch up on sleep right?  *yawn*
On rare occasions, I e-journal stuff that doesn’t make it to blog entries. Here’s a snippet from a journal entry I did last week. Nothing deep, just some random observations of strange things people do.

 8/14/09 After a totally insane week at work, it was mandatory for me to meet up with friends for good eats, good drinks and good music. Since the area we chose to go clubbing in is bustling with nightlife finding a parking space on the street on a Friday night is like winning the lottery. Plus we came in two cars so that doubled the odds against us. Eventually we all decided to park in a parking lot instead. As I pulled into the lot noticed an example of ‘ignant’ shit that I simply had to document after I parked…


WTF?! Why is a car this size parked on the line??? I backed my SUV into a parking space a row over with NO problem. Your car is the size of a soup can and you can’t park it in a normal parking space? How did this jackass even get a driver’s license?

That parking faux pas made me dig up a picture of another WTF on wheels incident that I witnessed several weeks ago…

^Two toddlers girls and a man crusin’ in the back of a pickup truck

As a kid, it wasn’t unusual to see kids riding in the back of a pickup truck or in the trunk area of a station wagon. Old school parents didn’t give a damn that their precious babies were tossed around the vehicle like a ragdoll every time the car hit a bump.  Nowadays everyone is so safety-conscious that I can’t remember the last time I saw passengers in the back of a pickup truck. Maybe a mix of super safety driving rules and becoming a parent myself has made me a punk because when I saw these two little girls I got scared for them. I couldn’t get a picture while in motion but these little girls weren’t just sitting but also jogging back and forth as a man sat there and watched them. *SMH*

 Last WTF on wheels mention is a throwback from my old blog,

“I’ve experienced countless characters and adventures on the local MTA. Here’s one example:


Now he wasnt just tired, he was  TIE-YAD. Too bad I dont have audio for this pic ’cause homeboy was sawing logs too!  His snores were the only thing that verified that he was still alive.”

For anyone wondering, the everyday life pictures I post are genuinely taken by me when I’m out and about. From the ridiculous Wal-Mart wench to the mis-parked soup can, all taken were with my camera phone on a spur. And those are just the events that I was quick enough to get a picture of.  Just think of all the random weird sht that you encounter without being able to document it. Truth is truly stranger than fiction.

10:13pm-I typed most of this blog earlier today but I’m just getting around to posting it because I was doing the Saturday time with the kiddies/hubby thing. Now that the little ones are knocked out and Q is hangin’ with his bwoy, I finally have peace and quiet. Hmm…maybe I’ll get some sleep…Naw, fuck that. I’m going to pump Pandora and waste valueable moments of my life by surfing the ‘net. Ahhhh, it’s good to be me. hahaha

Thank care folks!

P.S. Oh! I have FREE TICKETS TO SEE MARIO, THE-DREAM and KERI HILSON @ Club Love in D.C. this FRIDAY NIGHT!!!  Again they are totally FREE but they are first come,  first serve so hit me with an email or private message if you are interested in going.  See some time it pays to visit this blog! 🙂


One thought on “WTF on Wheels

  1. LMAO I hate those little Smart Cars. I’d fear for my life if I was driving one. And there is no reason that person couldn’t have parked correctly other than they just didn’t care about anyone else parking. Send it to Your Parking Sucks ( LOL

    And no fair I want to put more than one website URL in the website block. You know me, gotta be difficult. LOL

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