Separated At Birth?

Professionally this has been an interesting week for me. At the ‘regular’ job, the department is being rearranged. It doesn’t affect me (*whew*) but co-workers have flashed a few gas faces during staff meetings about the changes that are coming. For one of my freelance writing jobs, everything is lining up for my next article to be published soon. The actual interview is scheduled for this week then I have to work my magic before the two week deadline. Under normal circumstances, the usual deadline and word count limit would be a breeze but my life isn’t exactly normal right now. Thank God for little stress relievers, including this blog. On occasion I’ll post something mildly ‘inspirational’ or advisory if it comes to me. More frequently, I’ll post silly entries to make myself laugh or to give my readers a chuckle because I know that life can kick all of our azzes sometime. So if you’re looking for a continuously deep and intellectual blog you have landed in the wrong destination (Based on previous posts that should be quite obvious by now, right?! lol). Well my point is this is another frivolous entry to help us get over the hump. 

Recently I’ve noticed that some celebrities that look like they were separated at birth.  Here are a few:

 The Cheshire Cat and… Me

Ok I’m far from a celebrity but before I cut up on anyone else I feel that I should be able to laugh at myself. Quite awhile ago I looked at a pic of my trademark big cheesey smile and thought “Damn, I look like that crazy cat from Alice in Wonderland!” It still rings true today. I think if that cat and Mo’Nique had a baby I’d have an identical twin walking around. LOL

 Ronnie DeVoe and Lil Mama

No comments neccessary.


Midget from New Jersey Drive  and 50 Cent I’ll give Q credit for this one. We were watching NJD over the weekend and he mentioned that Gabriel Casseus could play 50 in a movie. Granted the movie is over 10 years old and he probably doesn’t look the same but the comparison is spot on.

 Beenie Man and Michael Vick

For years now, every time I’d see Mike I’d think of Beenie.

 Drake and Herman Munster

Don’t get me wrong, Drake is a handsome dude but during his performance at the BET Awards I couldn’t stop thinking about how much he looked like a cute Frankenstein.

 Deion Sanders w/new tan and a *Censored*

Last night, Q and I were doing our typical ESPN viewing when Deon Sanders revealed his new tan… Wow, What in world happened to HIM?! Deon is usually a cool, stylish guy but last night, man, did he look like a d!ck head. LITERALLY!

For anyone that thinks Deion’s head just looked bad in that one picture, here’s another one to prove it wasn’t a lighting fluke.

For other unbelievable celebrity ‘twins’ check out BlackVoices list.  Celeb Look-a-Likes  Kudos to them for noticing how much Tyra Banks and RuPaul favor each other! Haha



3 thoughts on “Separated At Birth?

  1. haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa @ the Ronnie DeVoe and Lil’ Mama… not to mention, they’re prob. the same age. Or should be.

    I suddenly wanna see NJ Drive. Haven’t seen it in a minute.

    LMAO @ ya man “Prime Time”. Must be the money!


  2. Same age? No comment once again. LOL!

    NJD wasn’t one of my favorite movies (and I wanted to like it because it’s based in Newark) but the soundtrackS were dope. Remember it had two soundtrack CDs? I might have to blow the dust off of them but I know I have them around here somewhere.

    Can you believe Deion’s dome?! If that’s what money does to ya, I’d rather be broke… ok, that’s not true but DAMN DEION!

  3. Reposting comments from Facebook:

    D’Ionna ‘Shellbe’ Willis: how cute! lol
    Yesterday at 1:06pm ·

    Marvin Babyman Welch: thats one heck of an comparison jaye
    Yesterday at 1:08pm ·
    Jaye Hunnie: That’s NOTHING check out the actual blog!
    Yesterday at 1:35pm ·
    Devin ‘Danj’ Miles: haha… color scheme and all!
    Yesterday at 2:03pm ·
    Teri Stephens Cain: lol!
    Yesterday at 2:10pm ·
    Jaye Hunnie: LOL That’s exactly why I chose that pic, D!… Hey thanks for the comments here friends but don’t forget to leave comments ON the actual blog page.
    Yesterday at 2:32pm ·
    Syreeta Hubbard: LOL leave Mike Vick alone he’s cute. But Midget and Fiddy was on POINT!!!!
    Yesterday at 9:41pm ·

    (((Thank you to all the lurkers out there. I love yall too!)))

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