eX Factor

Life has prevented me from blogging as regularly as I intended. Yesterday, I made a sad attempt to type an entry with one hand while rocking my newborn and my toddler frequently trying to climb into my lap. After one sentence I threw in the towel and the kids won. Right now the baby’s napping and the wild one, I mean the toddler is playing quietly for a change. Originally I was going to post about random pop culture stuff but I was inspired by a convo that I had recently.

Last night my busy homegyrl and I were chatting and catching up. Somehow, the convo shifted to exes that basically weren’t sh!t. Gotta be real about it.We all have that ex(es) that we were really feeling but was just bad news. You know that ex that should have been an ex before yall even got together. Haha Now, think about how life may have been if you stayed with that person. I don’t know about you all but based on my experiences my thoughts are pretty scary. Funny thing is, while with that ex(es) I knew something was a little off but went against my instincts for quite awhile. (*smh*) My homegyrl, agreed to doing the same bubblehead-ed mistakes like over looking obvious signs that appeared early on. (Man, I’d love to go into detail but I’m not going to put folks on blast…Well, not today I won’t) Why do normally intelligent people do such azz backwards things? This seems especially true when it comes to finding love. Even when the red flags are waving in our faces we only see what we want to see. Luckily, my lessons were learned before any serious damage was done. In most cases it’s better to be happily alone than foolishly involved.

Oh and don’t read too much into this topic. Me and my hubby are a-ok (sorry dramawhores! lol) Just because I’m married doesn’t mean I haven’t had my fair share of dating/relationship issues. *whew* I’ll save some of them for future entries.

Speaking of my hubby, he’s in North Carolina with the in-laws playing in a basketball tournament while I’m home juggling these heathens, I mean precious children. During this week, I’ve come to look at my family in a new light. I returned to work and yes it’s unbelievably hard to leave them, even with their grandmas, I know it’s what’s best for all us. Soooo, I’ll keep grinding until I get my phat check(s) from publishing companies and/or win the lotto. Ok the last scenario will be really tough because I rarely even play lotto but hey maybe I’ll find a winning ticket. :)Shoutout to all the good mommies of the world (especially fellow ’09 mommies that may drop by my blog. Hey Tashana, Robin, Teri, Raven, ‘Bosslady’…) I’m also praying for these two celeb mommies-to-be…

Ok I was skeptical about them both being pregnant but that’s clearly true. However I’m not going to believe the rumored father of their children until it’s confirmed by all parties involved. If it IS true…umph…MESS!




This entry is all over the place. Here’s the songs of the day:

Trina f. Kelly Rowland – Here We Go

I’m not a fan of this cut but it’s fitting. Also, my oldest really liked the “Ok, what’s up? Shut up!” part. lol *smh*

Keyshia Cole f. Lil Kim and Missy Elliot – Let Him Go
Though this was a women’s anthem when it was in heavy rotation, I wasn’t feeling this song either but it’s also appropriate.

Alvin and the Chipmunks f. Drew Seeley – Shake Your Groove Thing

LOL This vid is dedicated to my babies especially my todder, who is crazy about Alvin and the Chipmunks (well the ‘new millennium Chipmunks’ anyway).


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