Independence Day

Disclaimer: This is a very random entry. It is not directed toward any one particular person or incident.  

Lately, I’ve realized that my circle of close family and friends is smaller than it’s ever been. While it seems like goal to have the most friends (especially online!), I’m pretty content with my small crew of close peeps. Don’t get me wrong, I have homies outside of my circle that are beyond cool. We talk on a regular basis and have a ball trippin’ out. The thing that separates those homies from my main peeps is probably little things like being someone I can call for anything and being someone that knows secrets that would make my brown skin blush. 🙂


In addition, to my peeps and my homies for some strange reason I have people that I associate with but I can’t really figure out why. These people include pseudo-friends, random internet folks, co-workers, and neighbors who I don’t really get down with and I’m sure don’t get down with me. Why do I even bother? *shrugs* Like many, I have that ‘friend’ that only calls when they want some thing but when I call them there’s always some kind of excuse. *eye roll* Then there’s that ‘friend’ that only wants to hear bad news about myself or other people. WTF? I guess that makes them feel better about their own life. I don’t know. As for internet folks, there have been times when I’ve gotten friend requests and have thought “Now I know this mofo doesn’t like me…” but I’ve clicked “Accept” anyway. At work, I’ve had/have co-workers that can’t stand me but insist on us sharing our lunch breaks together. Even coming and going from my house, I have a couple neighbors that talk shit about me but they still go out of their way to start a convo with me. Usually these methods were just their attempt to get in my business and add to their ill-thoughts and/or gossip about me.


Initially, I’d play the ookey-doke role like I don’t know what’s up. I try my best to be civil until someone gives me a blatant reason to act a fool but there comes a time when the phony sh!t just gets old. Believe it or not, I’m a fairly modest person and I give everyone a chance (some people too many chances *smh*). Hey, people change all the time, right? … Well, in my *cough* years, I’ve come to realize that most people don’t so I’ve had to break free from a lot of characters in my life. At first thought, I was certain there was something wrong with them but who am I to judge? Maybe I’m the messed up one… Nahhh, it’s definitely them! lol Either way, if it’s not working why force it? So I’m learning to break free and enjoy my independence.


Have a HAPPY INDEPENDENCE DAY everyone!</h4 

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4 thoughts on “Independence Day

  1. “Friends will let you down… friends won’t be around… when you need them most where are your friends?”

    Yeah- this is some real-for-real stuff. I got some friends right now whose relevance and necessary-ness (yeah I made that up) I question. It’s crazy, cause I’d expect it more out of online friends and associates, but it’s actually some of the “longtime friend” folk who’re really outliving their usefulness, LOL. At least the online people I’m cool with are totally fulfilling their roles by bein’ extra-cool. The real-life ones are on some ol’ bullsh*t.


  2. Now that you mention it, friends IRL are a trip! With online people it’s hard to really want to hurt words on a screen but IRL folks have made almost catch a case! *smh* I mean shaddddddy…

  3. Wow Jaye,

    You hit that right on the head. That’s why I re-evaluate people in my life every year, and I either upgrade or downgrade them. That way there are no surprises. Funny thing is, the people that have been downgraded, don’t even know they have been downgraded, which tells me I did that right thing by doing that. And the people that have been upgraded can tell something is different, but they go with the flow.

    At my age, which ain’t old by a long shot, I can’t afford to waste time with duds.

    • Whoa! That’s a good idea, Peaches. Like Spring Friendship Cleaning. haha. Hmmmm…

      It IS funny that the downgraded don’t realize. They definitely belong there then. *smh*

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