This entry is dedicated to people and incidents that have literally made me say “What the fu*k?!”/”WTF?”. Feel free to comment and even add your own “WTF moments”

# 1 – “A real life WTF moment”

One recent Saturday afternoon I was out and about doing errands when I needed to stop and buy a couple things. Usually, I don’t shop at Wal-Mart (long story) but on this particular day I needed to snatch up a variety of things before racing back home to my family. Since I was pressed for time I was forced to patron Wallyworld. I only needed to buy a few things so imagine my joy when I saw a 12 Items or Less checkout aisle. Now imagine my non-joy when I see this wench standing in that same line:


How the fu*k are you going to stand in the Speedy Checkout aisle with 947 items in your cart??? Ugggh, WTF?!

#2 – “I think I’m getting old WTF moment”… but wait they are older than me!

The Black Eyed Peas hair in the Boom Boom Pow video:

Ok, I’ll admit to not being as “in the now” as I used to be but these dudes hair…WTF?!  In my grade school days if a dude got caught with a raggedy-azz Gumby like’s he’d be called a “Booty Scratcher” with the quickness. Dude, youre rich. How hard is it to get a crispy shape up and trim? Ditto for the other guy, Ap. That “Oh NoHawk” is busted. If youre gonna rock it out at least rock it RIGHT, ya know?  And Taboo (don’t ask me how I know their names! lol) looks like he got a Jennifer Anniston makeover.  *shakes my head because the hottest member of the group is undoubtedly ‘the token White chick’* haha  Go’head Fergie!

 #3 – “Even celebs can be chickenhead-ed baby mamas WTF moment”

Kelis’ baby budget 

If you didn’t read it Kelis is asking for a whooping $81,000 a month  from Nas to help support her unborn baby. Here’s the breakdown of some of  the supposed expenses:

$14,861… Mortgage
$3,500… Nanny
$15,000… Entertainment, gifts and vacations
$20,000… Strollers, cribs and other baby supplies
$175… Having the “baby rug dry cleaned”

I’m actually a Kelis fan and her & Nas were my absolute favorite HipHop couple but this is not a good look. Come on now. A monthly baby rug cleaning expense? WTF?! Throw that thang in the washing machine and stop playin’!

#4 – “I want don’t want to blame Sheila Dixon for everything but I know this was that b!tch’s idea too” WTF moment 

Afram’s charging for admission again

 The African American Heritage Festival (I still and will forever call the sh!t Afram!) is this weekend but beware they are back to charging for admission. ($5 general admission, $40+ for reserved seating) Boooooo! In the past I wouldnt have a problem coming out of the pocket for national acts like India Arie and Doug E Fresh & Slick Rick (together!) but ironically it was free then. Now we’re expected to brave the heat on a holiday weekend and pay for admission with acts like En Vogue and Rob Base? Hmmm… No thanks! Ok, ok there are some hot local and indie acts that will be attendance so the cover is still worth it but this still deserves a big WTF?! [Just announced Raheem Davaugh has been added!] 


I think you’ve all had enough for today.


4 thoughts on “WTF

  1. Aight… let’s run it on down…

    1- she better get the FUKK out that line… and she KNEW it was the Speedy Checkout! or did she just see the words ‘Speedy Checkout’ and figure “yeah, i can get thru the line faster cause I’ll be the only one with this many items”???

    2- Black Eyed Peas get props for Perez Hilton gettin’ his ass beat. That’s it.

    3- Kelis… in the words of Chris Rock… WTF is ‘accustomed’?

    4- They’re crazy. So payin’ admission to hear “It Takes Two” and “Joy & Pain” (and JUST THOSE TWO) is what’s hot in the streets?

  2. 1) See there should be a law permitting us to literally kick people in the butt when they do stuff like that. Fa real.

    2) Oh yeah. I heard that somebody from BEP’s camp dotted Perez’s eye recently. lol How sad is it that, that’s even news!

    3) The really strange part about the Kelis Wishlist is that she’s got her OWN career. I just don’t see why she’s playing herself like this.

    4)lol More people will be at my in-laws cookout than at Afram this year. It’s sad to say it but I see Afram ending soon.

  3. Comments from my Facebook link:

    Syreeta Hubbard at 4:40pm June 30
    I didn’t know you had a blog. LMAO I like it. I still call it AFRAM too

    Marsha Brown at 4:41pm June 30
    I just laughed out really loud at the Walmart Wench. I bet she was waiting for someone to say something to her too…LMBO.

    Jaye Hunnie at 4:45pm June 30
    Thanks! I used to blog on MySpace but this blog is brand new, which is why it looks so young! haha I’ll work on it when time permits…^5 AFRAM 4eva!

    L. Nicole Jackson at 4:52pm June 30
    I’m real mad at the Walmart Wench? FOR REAL? Ugh.

    Jaye Hunnie at 4:54pm June 30
    *smh* Marsha I stood in line just long enough to take the picture then I hauled azz to another line. If she was going to be ig’nant enough to do that I was ig’nant enough to take a picture. hehehe The poor cashier looked like she wanted to pick up the register and throw it at her.

    Jaye Hunnie at 5:10pm June 30
    Yeah. L, it’s like “Seriously?…SERIOUSLY?!”

    Teri Stephens Cain at 5:26pm June 30
    wow at the Walmart Wench. that is a hot mess. and yeah, what is up with Afram charging venue ticket prices? reserved seating? I gotta pay for parking and to get in. So if I wanna get up close I gotta pay again?

    Jaye Hunnie at 5:37pm June 30
    Exactly! And don’t get me started on how much food and beverages are. *whew* Who in their right mind is going to do all that?

    I just posted in a blog comment that I can see Afram ending soon.

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