“My name is Jaye. This is what I do…” – taken from Eddie Levert at the 2009 BET Awards.

What’s up world? After taking over 6 months off from blogging, I’m back in the saddle. Like my previous blog I’ll be posting about whatever the hell I want (and whenever I want). Most of my posts will be new but don’t be surprised if I re-post a throwback entry. I’ll get into the real swing of things with the next entry but I MUST dedicate this post to the legendary Michael Jackson:

I was that kid at ground-folks card parties that would jump out in the middle of the living room and put on a show to the entire Thriller album. (No joke. My mother can vouch for this). When watching the Billie Jean video I secretly thought Michael was magic because only the items that he touched glowed. As corny as it may seem a part of me still thought MJ was magic so the news of his sudden death was/is a little surreal. Instead of being down about it I’ve decided to blast his music whenever I can and dance like that same little kid twirling in socks on hardwood floors. haha

Thank you for the magic, Michael!!!

See ya the next entry… Topic: “Things that make me say, WTF?” You don’t want to miss this one. 😉


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